This project provides D7 versions of the 'node_reference' and 'user_reference' field types, that were part of the CCK package in D6, at functional parity with the D6 counterparts. See for details.

Note for users upgrading from References 7.x-2.0-beta3

There were a couple changes in the way 'References' views are handled ("referenceable nodes/users defined by a view"), which might require double-checking those existing on your site:

  • The 'label' (node title or user name) is no longer automatically added if not included in the view. If some of your 'References' views currently do not include it, you might want to add it explicitly, else it will no longer appear in the widgets.
  • The HTML generated by the view is no longer stripped out before being handed to "checkboxes / radios" widgets, thus allowing advanced formatting. You might want to check for Reference views having fields configured to display "as links", since the (probably unwanted) <a> tags generated by Views are not removed anymore.

Note for users upgrading from CCK D6

  • The References project integrates with the content_migrate module present in CCK 7.x-2.x-dev to allow the migration of field definitions and field values from D6 nodereference and userreference fields. Field values are safely migrated, and a best effort is made for the field definitions, but the settings for widgets and formatters might need to be manually checked and adjusted after the migration.
  • The "referenceable nodes/users defined by a view" feature is now supported through the dedicated 'References' views Display type, as opposed to using the default display in D6. A temporary backward-compatibility layer is included and the existing views should keep working as expected (if they have been properly adapted/migrated from D6 themselves), but it is highly recommended to edit them and add an explicit 'References' display - submitting the "field settings" will lose the currently selected view if it doesn't have a 'References' display.
  • The remarks in "Note for users upgrading from beta3" above also apply.

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