Integrates the Piecemaker 3D flash slideshow into Drupal.

Piecemaker is a 3D flash slideshow similar to Cu3ber (cuber).
This module provides an api for utilizing it within Drupal. Currently the API provides for profiles that determine transitions and general settings for slideshow. The API by itself does not create any piecemaker slideshows, it simply provides the tools for other modules to produce slideshows

Also included in this release is the Piecemaker Blocks module. It allows users to create blocks that will display a Piecemaker slideshow. Currently it is the only way to create a slideshow though more ways are coming (see Roadmap below). The API though allows for easy creation of add on modules to build piecemaker displays (see piecemaker.api.php).


  • Libraries module
  • Media module (For Piecemaker Blocks)
  • Piecemaker Source. Available from https://github.com/arcaneadam/Piecemaker-Drupal
    You must download the source from the above link and not the piecemaker website. Follow the instructions in the documentaion on where to place the library. Alternatively if you enable the module with drush it will automatically download the needed files.

Sponsored by

Newhall Interactive - A cutting edge Drupal development shop located in Los Angeles, CA.


If you have an example of the module in action contact me to have it added above


Now that the initial implementation is released and working I'd like to see the following modules included in this package or as separate modules (That's why it's written as an API).

  • Views Integration
  • Field type and/or display widget
  • Alternate display formatters

So have at it Drupal, see what cool interactions you can build with this API and lets make some cool Drupal slideshows.

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