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The Photoblog module provides simple photoblog-style features:

  • A single image per page.
  • Navigation links to the previous and next image (in chronological order).
  • Multiple photoblogs are possible by tagging posts with distinct categories.
  • Global photoblogs or per-user photoblogs.
  • View the latest photoblog post on the site's front page.
  • A block with links to the latest post of each photoblog.

The accompanying Photoblog Views module hooks into Views to provide an "archive" view, displaying photoblog posts by user, category, year, month, with corresponding RSS feeds.

Of course, this module works with any kind of image. Photography is only the most popular use for these features. Some other possible applications are online slideshows and portfolios.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please have a look at Custom Pagers. In combination with Views, it allows for much more flexibility. That's cool stuff. Therefore, the Photoblog module is no longer maintained. Note that you could easily migrate your site to Custom Pagers, because Photoblog relies only on data that's also available to Views (users, taxonomy).

The Photoblog module has the following advantages, which can also be obtained through Custom Pagers and Views:

  • Simple previous/next navigation is more intuitive than the standard pager.
  • Navigation links are permalinks (using node/nid, or corresponding url aliases if any).
  • Visitors can post comments in the same page as the photoblog posts, and without losing the navigation context.

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