This module is primarily for use with the iOS Augmented Reality Framework PRAugmentedReality (see below)

It is also part of a soon-to-come distribution.


It provides a custom resource for Drupal Services and serves 3 purposes:

  1. Find relevant data for the calling device
  2. Filter the data leaving only a few specified fields
  3. Send back the data to the calling device in a mobile-friendly format

Relevant = containing geolocation data & updated since last check
Specified fields = Listed by name in module. Optionally provides you with a way to add your own fields.
Mobile-friendly format = No fancy array nesting and bloat data

PRAugmentedReality iOS framework

In summary, the PRAugmentedReality iOS framework allows developers to instantly turn their mobile projects into an interactive location aware app.
It provides:
- An Augmented reality view out-of-the-box
- Customizable AR Overlays
- Customizable Map Pins
- Simple and efficient Data Storage system
- Communication with this module for simple creation of content on a site


Configure user permissions in Administration > People > Permissions.
'View published content' should be allowed for anonymous (is allowed by default) for the module to work.



This module is maintained and sponsored by Promet Solutions Inc.

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