This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Deep Survey is a module which aims to turn Drupal into a market and social research surveying tool. It allows privileged users to add surveys to a site. These surveys consist of questions which then in turn consist of answer lists - both of these are separate content types. Other Drupal users may complete the surveys, being asked one question after another and responding via the answer lists. It is possible to have the user skip one or more questions based upon their responses to earlier questions.

The data collected may be downloaded from Drupal in csv format.

The current Drupal 6 version is "feature complete" but will still be provided with bug fixes if necessary. Once a Drupal 7 version has been completed the ability to loop through the same question as well as alter the text and responses dynamically (filters and substitutions) will be added.

A manual is available here.

Deep Survey was originally inspired by the Quiz module, although the two project share very little code. Deep survey differs from Quiz in being more focused upon data collection rather than knowledge evaluation. In deep survey there is no correct answer or scoring of responses, and all responses are stored in the data base.

In order to install Deep Survey, once you have extracted the files from Deepsurvey archive do the following:

1. Copy the entire survey/ folder into your modules directory.

2. Log in to your site as an administrator, and go to the Administer >> Site building >> Modules section. Enable all of the Deep Survey modules.

There are currently two levels of access in Deep Survey - 'administer deep survey' is for users who will be creating surveys and 'access deep survey' is for those who will be completing the surveys.

To do:

  • Convert to Drupal 7
  • Add loop module
  • Add filter module
  • Add page module - display multiple questions on one page
  • Add more download options
  • Add more admin options
  • Add the ability to display headings for response list
  • Add online reporting capability/integration with other modules

AJAX currently broken in Drupal 7 version. Issue appears to be in core, debug code included in last sync with git repo. No time to fix.

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