This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Beanstalk is a commercial Subversion and Git hosting service. It can be set up to post json-encoded messages to arbitrary urls and this module can be configured to process these messages and save them as Drupal nodes. The module needs PHP 5.2 for json processing.

The beanstalk module can be set up to try and associate Beanstalk 'authors' with Drupal users, and convert tags in the form #NID to links to the appropriate nodes.

There is some basic taxonomy, og and views integration. The module provides two blocks, 'Related nodes' and 'Related commits'.

Credits and sponsorship

This module is originally developed by dmbch and currently maintained by Chuva Inc.

Gadzooks! Another fine module created by the good folks at Chuva Inc., purveyors of internationally acclaimed, top-tier development at reasonable prices.

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