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11Menu Attach Block.Menu Attach Block
11Menu Attach Block.AttachBlockTestCase
- setUp
fail: [Frontend] Line 47 of sites/all/modules/menu_attach_block/menu_attach_block.test:
Block attached to correct link

13 coding standards messages

13 more than previous result

menu_attach_block.module 2 more
line 72Type hint "array" missing for $variables
194Type hint "array" missing for $variables
menu_attach_block.test 8 more
7Class property $privileged_user should use lowerCamel naming without underscores
9Missing function doc comment
9Expected 1 space before opening brace; found 0
17Missing function doc comment
24Visibility must be declared on method "testAttachBlock"
24Missing function doc comment
61Expected 1 blank line after function; 0 found
62The closing brace for the class must have an empty line before it
menu_attach_block_wrapper.tpl.php 3 more
1The PHP open tag must be followed by exactly one blank line
8Doc comment long description must end with a full stop
25Spaces must be used to indent lines; tabs are not allowed


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