Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

If you would rather work with an individual and not an organization then I have more than six years' experience as a full time Drupal developer. I have worked on a variety of websites, including a lot of e-commerce, but also community, travel, professional associations, small business, media, jobs and many more.

As a web developer I have a strong focus on problem solving and I understand Drupal code and php in depth. I know Drupal coding standards well and have contributed back a number of modules. Drupal was developed to facilitate the creation of fully featured websites by people with little or no web development ability. I focus on developing Drupal sites that maximize control of content and function by the owner. While I am not a graphic artist, I have good artistic skills and attention to detail. My English language skills are well developed in spoken and written forms, aided by the ability to touch type which makes communicating with me by remote just that much easier.

Drupal contributions

My module contributions for Drupal 7 consist of tagit and Realex Payments and I have a number of modules contributed for Drupal 6.

When I am problem solving in Drupal I always endeavour to post my solution in a relevant thread if the answer is not already available so as to inform the next person looking for a solution to the same problem. For instance subuser module and block refresh