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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

In this field, Omitsis performs all kinds of technical and technological consultancy advising clients on defining the architecture and design of your product (software, systems, projects, etc.)
Our team of engineers can audit, create or propose the best solutions for each case.
The main areas of consulting work at Omitsis are:

Data architecture
Software Engineering
Systems Engineering
Scalability and WPO
Big Data

also apply design and architecture software professionaly, using MVC patterns, relational databases, documental databases, indexers, cache layers, among others.

One of the main branches of Omitsis is software development, where apply all engineering concepts mentioned above to achieve a functional product with highest quality standards.

To ensure our development we use AGILE development methodologies as SCRUM and standards-based development processes as GITFLOW.

Content Management
The majority of websites we develop are based on content management open source. This allows us to invest the time our experts improving the product instead of remaking something that already exists also allows us to do it in less time and at an affordable price for the customer.

The main content managers we work with are:


Online Shops
We have a department specialized in e-commerce projects. As with the content managers we usually dont create our own e-commerce platforms but we have specialized in the e-commerce platform Magento and the main Drupal e-commerce modules.

Custom Software
For those projects that do not fit the philosophy Wordpress, Drupal or Magento that are not standard, we use different development frameworks to achieve a good custom software, provided with the premise of not invent anything that is already invented ..
The framework to be used will always depend on the characteristics of each project. However, we work primarily with the following frameworks:


Projects supported

Paragraphs fields, Field Config Cardinality, Language HTML5 validation, OM Bootstrap, Social profiles, OBT

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