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Okinawa, Japan

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary graduate school offering a 5-year PhD program in Science. Over half of the faculty and students are recruited from outside Japan, and all education and research is conducted entirely in English.

The OIST Graduate University shall conduct internationally outstanding education and research in science and technology, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of Okinawa, and promote and sustain the advancement of science and technology in Japan and throughout the world.

What makes OIST different

  • English: The international language of science used in peer-review journals and international conferences is also the daily operational language
  • International: Half of students and faculty are recruited from outside Japan.
  • Interdisciplinary: Collaboration and exchange between specialities is encouraged by such things as the absence of administrative departments, campus architecture, and the curriculum of the graduate program.
  • Education: With a 2:1 student to faculty ratio, students work side-by-side with top-class researchers as they work toward their degrees.
  • Funding: OIST is a Special Private School Corporation, funded mostly by the Japanese government but granted the administrative freedom to take innovative initiatives.
  • Location: Okinawa is a beautiful tropical island in the center of Asia’s rapid economic development, but as a part of Japan, it enjoys all the convenience and stability of a developed nation.
  • Committment: OIST strives to provide an environment for work and study where each individual is valued and encouraged to realize his or her potential.

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