Structured support

I was wondering something about Drupal support. I know it's a pest to support a product when the questions are dull or when the people who ask the questions don't read up on the site about the problem first, but, the current feeling I get (not sure of anyone else) is that people become sort-of intimidated by the thought of sending to the support list, because of the fact that they will either NOT get reaction, or the reaction would be something to make the submitter feel stupid. As I said, the visitor is however often at fault for not reading the documentation before submitting a fault/support request, and I myself have done it before.

Stopping hackers

One of the cool benefits of the watchdog module is being able to see what caused a page error on your website and when it happened, and the IP that did it. I never thought about this until now, but this is more than a debugging tool, but can also be a security monitor.

Using Drupal in a commercial service

I understand Drupal is licensed under GNU/GPL. I wonder if it is allowed to use Drupal as part of a commercial service. E.g. can we host a Drupal-based site as part of a service we offer our customers?

Drupal empowered US presidential candidate Howard Dean


We at,, a working group of professional software engineers, graphical artists, students, and other miscellaneous innovators are in the beginnings of a monumental web development project. Our goal is to create and support extensible inter-operating content-sharing web community tools for all interest-based and regional groups who are participating in the Howard Dean’s grassroots campaign. The first set of tools we will release to run on the network will be based off of Drupal.

Here is a Wired article about the project.

Drupal 4.2.0 code freeze: status update

The past month we have been hard at work getting ready for the Drupal 4.2.0 release; we have been squashing bugs and made small improvements all over the map. We are now in the final phase of the code freeze which means we are down to a few remaining issues that need to be resolved. If you haven't already, please help us test. Report back your findings in the comments below or, if you found a bug, file a bug report.

The release candidate is available at:

Drupal-user: a new list for improving the Drupal user experience

Dries has approved a new Drupal mail list to be used for working on ways to improve the Drupal user experience. As his email to the Drupal-develop list explains:

Everything that has to do with "user experience" is considered relevant, including (but not limited to) usability, documentation, and localization. . . . The drupal-user mailing list will be less technical and offers a home for non-programmers willing to contribute to Drupal development.

Note that support questions should still go to the Drupal-support list.


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