Drupal conference update

Greetings from Brussels!

FOSDEM is beginning at Université Libre de Bruxelles. This afternoon, we'll be delivering a set of interesting Drupal presentations here in the developer room, but the truly monumental event was the developer sprint in the past two days. A lot of good discussion has taken place about usability, structured content and other initiatives we're excited about. Expect a lot of patches in the coming weeks, right after the 4.6 release. Session chairs will be updating the developer sprint pages with summaries of findings from each room; look for that to happen when people get back home and overcome jet lag.

Wish you were here. Do your best to attend Drupal Conference 2006, wherever that will be!

Read on for photos and journals of the event.

New contributed theme: SpreadFireFox

Those who have visited Spread Firefox will know that it has a very nice theme, designed by Chris Messina (a.k.a. FactoryJoe). Since SpreadFirefox (also nicknamed SFX) runs on CivicSpace, it is behind Drupal in releases, and hence is at 4.4 or so now. After some persuasion (i.e. bugging Chris), and offering to work on the theme and bring it up to 4.5, he agreed, and I have been hacking at it for some time. It now works with 4.5 and Drupal CVS (pre-4.6).

Media.module - for handling audio and video files as well as creating playlists

Alan Evans and I are happy to present the media.module for Drupal 4.6. Developed to address the need for better support of audio and video file handling, it has the following features:

  • uses getId3 [1] to read and store the metadata from any audio or video file that is uploaded to a Drupal site via the upload.module
  • presents the metadata from all audio and video files in a sortable table
  • supports downloading and streaming of media
  • introduces a new node type, the media-playlist

New contributed theme: FriendsElectric

Yesterday I committed a first version of my new Drupal theme FriendsElectric. It is PHPTemplate-based and tableless, uses semantic XHTML and fully supports all theme options (slogan, logo, primary/secondary links, etc). You can check out a quick live demo on my site. The theme is designed for compatibility with the latest versions of the major browsers out there, but will not work on dinosaur browsers (most notably, IE5/Win and IE5/Mac).

Teaching Writing, Collaboration, and Engagement in Global Contexts: The Drupal Alternative to Proprietary Courseware

This afternoon, I'll be participating in a presentation on Drupal at Purdue University's Teaching with Technology Conference. Shockwave and original OpenOffice versions are availlable on my weblog at cyberdash.com along with links to some of the Purdue Drupal teaching sites. The presentation is CC copyleft licensed, so feel free to use it.

Drupal quickies, February 2005

Another round of Drupal quickies for those who don't have the time to keep on top of all the recent happenings in Drupal land.


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