Open Education Drupalized

This past weekend, I converted Open Education from PostNuke to Drupal 4.1 using the conversion script posted by

Open Education's goal is to promote the creation, use and distribution of open content for education, specifically via Creative Commons licensed learning objects. If anyone is interested in participating in any of our workgroups, please register and post an introduction to the specific group.

Easy News Topics - RSS2.0 Module

Someone just referred me to this yesterday. The Easy News Topics RSS 2.0 Module might be potentially useful for connecting Drupal sites. Unlike XFML which requires a separate feed, this is a way of expanding RSS 2.0 to output Drupal terms for each item. But as it's an RSS module, it's ignored by anyone receiving the feed that doesn't support the standard.

Drupal as a node in a blogging community

I was thinking about the recent post on the expanded capabilities of the import.module in CVS. I believe, and tell me if I'm wrong, these changes will allow Drupal to act as a blog hub, a central node in a blogging community operating quite differently from current community weblogs. It may be that the developers have imagined this already, but I've written an extensive description with some analysis that could be informative. If I'm right, there are many potential advantages:

Wysiwyg module using Ekit

I have created a module which integrates the Ekit HTML editor (see into Drupal. Ekit itself is a Java applet which will be loaded on demand for every textarea in the Drupal administration area.

Release roadmap

Can anyone tell me if there is a release schedule for the upcoming CVS HEAD branch? I've poked around in the forums but couldn't find anything. It appears that this site uses something later the 4.1. How stable is this release?

Joe Cotellese

Building a Metadata-Based Website

Admittedly, I'm new to Drupal and just getting the hang of all its functions, but when I read this article at Boxes and Arrows, I immediately thought about how the taxonomy system in Drupal was a good fit for their metadata design solution. I'm I wrong in thinking that Drupal could implement this design?


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