Wiki module - new architecture

I'm a recent convert to Drupal after running my site based upon JSPWiki for about a year. I'm currently running a fairly simple site ( using the wiki module.

To cut to the end of my story, I've got a re-architected version of the wiki module partially working that implements a new node->format. I would like some help in fixing some bugs and investigating core changes to support an elegant implementation. But first, let me start the story from the beginning:

Forum improvements for Drupal and

Last night I fiddled a bit with the forum module and's forum module in particular. I started off by reorganizing the forum structure to better address the needs of our growing community and to make sure the forums are well-balanced. Secondary objectives were to make the forums' design as user-friendly as possible and to make's forums a better showcase: that is, to illustrate how forum containers can be used to create nested forums and to convince people that Drupal forums can be themed to look more like phpBB or vBulletin forums.

Development update

Over the past weeks, Drupal HEAD has become increasingly more stable. That is not to say that everything is well tested or that there are no bugs left. Fact is that the changes have been less intrusive as of late which probably marks a good time to discuss what lies ahead.

As it stands, I would like to freeze the current development branch on February 15. This would leave us approximately one month to add new features and to refactor existing code before we get to the serious stabilizing and debugging work required to deliver Drupal 4.4.0. Any thoughts? Any last-minute features you plan to work on?

Drupal 4.3.2 release, happy birthday Drupal

Exactly 3 years ago on January 1th 2001, Drupal 1.0.0 was released. To celebrate both this event and the start of a new year, the Drupal project is pleased to release version 4.3.2 of its open source content management platform. This release is made available exactly one month after the 4.3.1 release and two months after the 4.3.0 release. As no critical bugs have been identified, this is a minor bugfix and maintenance release. There are no new features in this installment.

Predictions for 2004

With New Year around the corner people are looking back at 2003 and predicting what will happen in 2004. Well, what are your Drupal predictions for 2004? What lies ahead for Druplicon?

Atom syndication format 0.3

Drupal now supports the Atom syndication format 0.3, a XML-based content and metadata syndication format. Drupal supported Atom 0.2 before, so check Mark Pilgrim's Atom 0.3 announcement to learn what changed. When Drupal's Atom module is enabled, a auto-discovery <link> tag will be added to your pages so aggregators can pick up your feed.


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