Drupal 4.4.0 release

After an extensive testing period, the Drupal project has released version 4.4.0 of its open-source content management and community platform. The release of version 4.4.0 adds a number new features that improve Drupal's flexibility, performance, usability and accessibility. A list of the major changes and additions is provided below. For more information, please refer to the CHANGELOG.

You can download Drupal 4.4.0 from http://www.drupal.org/drupal/drupal-4.4.0.tgz.

Drupal 4.5.0 battle plans

With Drupal 4.4.0 around the corner, it is time to share what each of us are up to. If you plan to work on something in particular, or to contribute to Drupal in one way or another, please share your personal battle plan in the comments. Please refrain from posting wishlists: this time around we are merely interested in what you actually plan to contribute in the next few months. So, what can we expect from you?

User profile improvements

Earlier this week I committed a new profile module to the development branch. I just finished upgrading drupal.org to take advantage of these new improvements. If you check your account settings (authentication required), you'll notice that I added quite a few fields that let you define your role within the Drupal community or the Drupal project.

Furthermore, updated profiles can be browsed (or filtered) using some of these new fields. For example, click here for a list of Belgian Drupal users, here for a list of female Drupal users or here for a list of documentation contributors.

(Update, March 21: I've made some more changes based on the feedback posted in the comments. The updates are outlined below. You might want to revisit your account settings.)

Finally -- a current Debian package

A few hours ago, I uploaded a package of Drupal version 4.3.2 to Debian unstable. This upload will hopefully fix all the critical bugs of the previous package (and introduce no new ones). Another highlight is that the package supports PostgreSQL (although this may still need some polishing).

Please submit any bugs you find in my package through the Debian bug tracking system, since that's the quickest and most reliable way of reaching my attention.

Any Drupal.org website improvements?

With Drupal 4.4.0 on the horizon, this marks a good time for a new round of website suggestions. In short, is there any way in which our website, http://drupal.org/, could serve you better? Let's try to compile a comprehensive list of both shortcommings and suggestions that we can translate into concrete tasks.

Drupal 4.4.0 release candidate

We are pleased to announce that the first Drupal 4.4.0 release candidate is available. A list of the major changes can be found in the CHANGELOG file. Right now most things are wrapped up, so we'd like you to help polish this release and help iron out final issues: your comments on the stability, correctness and performance of this release candidate are more than welcome!

You can download the latest release candidate at http://www.drupal.org/drupal/drupal-4.4.0-rc.tgz.


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