In Drupal 6, the profile module let you assign profile fields you added to different category tabs, so there could be a "Personal Information" tab aside from the standard account information page whenever a user edited their profile.

I understand Drupal 7 is deprecating the Profile core module in favor of fields. Fields work great...except it doesn't appear you can move the different fields to their own tab/page like you could with Profile in Drupal 6, all profile fields appear on one page which can get messy.

How would I go about adding profile tabs in Drupal 7 with fields? I might be missing/overlooking something here.


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This is one of two issues that is holding me back from making D7 development possible for a Spring 2011 site I'm hoping to launch with a partner, so I went towards focusing on the other issue for a while (multi-step user registration form) using the FAPI, which is now solved.

In doing that, it got me wondering...if Drupal 7 doesn't have an option built in to split up a user edit account form like the D6 Profile module did, would doing it through the FAPI be a good alternative route to take or is that overkill?

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Same here, any d7 ninjas with an optimal workaround?

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I've been off addressing other issues, but there still appears to be no easy workaround as far as I know at this time.

I've been playing with module development and hook_menu a lot with other tasks, I may go that route to try and move all the profile form fields to different pages/tabs. Not optimal - especially for those who aren't experienced with FAPI stuff - but I'm hoping it will meet my project's requirements.

My hope is that once Drupal 7 is released, there will be a lot more interest and demand in this subject, hopefully resulting in a more convenient contrib module that gives us this functionality back.

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Please add at-least the filedset option, like on the webform module.
I say Drupal 6 was having much better profile section.

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I haven't had the time to install and try this yet, but the Profile 2 module looks very promising:

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This entry needs to be updated to clarify that the profile module will only be available if you are upgrading from Drupal 6 and had profile enabled. Apparently the profile module was a hold over from Drupal 4.x and stored data rather inefficiently. Now you are supposed to use admin/config/people/accounts/fields to add custom fields to your user account. However to display a special kind of field such as a click-able link you are still going to need a module as a link field is not part of core.

Profile 2 is not doing the same as the profile core module of drupal 6.x.

/edit: Have a look at the profil_unlock.

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Yeah, I want to see this happen. It's a little suprising. field_group lets you do this with fields under the account settings (options that show up in the registration form, and are able to be edited just the same as profile fields, afterward).

The problem is, I want users to be able to register as fast as possible, not spend time filling out their website, full name, etc.

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The problem is, I want users to be able to register as fast as possible, not spend time filling out their website, full name, etc.

You choose on each field which will be visible on the registration form. Quick registration is thus simple.

I am sorry if I missunderstood your problem.

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Id like to be able to display profile fields on seperate tabs too.

Profile2 does this, but not with fields defined on the 'Account Settings' screen, and some fields cant be added to a Profile2 'Profile Type'. One example is using the Location module, and User Locations. I'd like the user location field to be in a seperate tab.

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If you want to do anything a little more with the profile2 fields eg. use them in views... I would look else where its rather broken.

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I actually found the opposite - that I could not use the profile picture from the core User account in Views, but if I add an image field to a Profile2 profile I am able to pull that image into Views. So I think the Views integration with Profile2 is better.

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Subscribing - been trying to achieve this for hours to no avail :/

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Hello I am trying to do the same but with panels & panels tabs , so...

1 - Install and enable Panels and Panels Tabs

2 - Go to admin/build/pages and enable "user profile template". See

3 - In the panel region where the content will be set , change style to "Tabs"

4 - And this is the tricky situation, how to show a profile type in a pane (not only a loose field)

  • I try to do several minipanels (for several profile types) with its correspondinf fields to to show in a pane
  • Set "user" requiered context and "profile for user" relationship in minipanel
  • When I try to add a profile type field in the minipanel, I get an Ajax HTTP error (Code:500)

Is this way another right possibility to create a completed user profile?

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I use the field group module:

Field Group Module

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Seems to work fine.

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