An attempt to save a form with a CCK number_decimal field with decimal separator set to "comma" and #access set to FALSE via hook_form_alter, results in a form validation error, message 'Only numbers and the decimal character (%decimal) are allowed in %field.'. The node being edited already contains a value in the field in question, which is displayed and editable properly when #access == TRUE.

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When this error happens, I can see $start == '1000.00' and $value == '100000' in number_decimal_validate. When the node is saved without #access = FALSE, I see both start and value == '1000,00'.

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The problem is that $element['#value'][$field_key] in number_process ends up with the default decimal separator when #access == FALSE, while it contains the user-entered decimal separator when #access == TRUE and a value was posted. The attached patch deals with this, while still keeping proper validation of the decimal separator in case of posted data.

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Version: 6.x-2.8 » 6.x-2.9
Status: Active » Needs review

Thx for the patch. The patch worked for me.

I had this problem without setting #access to false via hook_form_alter (but maybe because of using Content Permissions?)

Maybe someone else can review this also?

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I had a look at the patch. And my brain froze for a minute.

The patch is good, but I couldn't resist rolling one that's functionally equivalent (in practice), and has some comments. (For which I took a little peek at another CCK module's 'process' function.)

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Meh. That is not "functionally equivalent", in that I am filling $element['#value'][$field_key] also when it was unset.

This patch is unfortunately longer, but I think it still reads OK.

By the way: in other issues (like #283341: Illegal value in text field; field's array is being changed) I've seen references to 'drupal_execute() not working', which relate to incorrect internal values, just like this one. So it seems better to drop the explicit references to #access = FALSE, in the patch.