Download drupal-7.0-rc2.tar.gztar.gz 2.58 MB
MD5: f31982c73f1707ddccb2927325bc9cb9
SHA-1: 01f40b67756939d6ddf4efc65e657bb6c2f75f44
SHA-256: 2e01cf5bc7e9d8293d2a2d4815c99507174376b29bafc034616a1065ea5cf477
Download drupal-7.0-rc2.zipzip 3.01 MB
MD5: 1f941ead5194316e3257e15501592474
SHA-1: 1a0f0512116f16c756853f70059f649bf28ce83e
SHA-256: d00081865a6b378ff1278fef60e1154b0b6d7148c96ea8331600f8a50391a479

Release info

Created by: webchick
Created on: 11 Dec 2010 at 21:06 UTC
Last updated: 11 Dec 2010 at 21:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-7-0-RC-1:

  • #985804 by solotandem, jhodgdon: Errors array missing key in hook_field_validate documentation
  • #929208 by heyrocker, duellj: Fixed Path hook api docs are missing function bodies
  • - Patch #986018 by fago: remove ununsed test files.
  • #979958 by das-peter, Damien Tournoud: Fixed regression in load_functions detection for menu items
  • #979958 follow-up by carlos8f: Small tweaks to previous fix.
  • - Patch #862854 by rjgoldsborough, tim.plunkett, reglogge, Jeff Burnz, amateescu, theresaanna, yoroy: no styling for sticky.
  • - Patch #950460 by Gábor Hojtsy, drunken monkey, jhodgdon: language selection in advanced search filters broken.
  • #903392 by jhodgdon, rayasa: Fixed 'Add new comment' text appears in search result snippet
  • #557284 by rfay, timos: Fixed AHAH/AJAX bindings do not work on checkbox or radio in IE6/7/8
  • #974072 by Damien Tournoud: Fixed Comment publish / unpublish actions are broken
  • #978050 by swentel: Fixed Clearing the log with a filter throws notice and a PDOException
  • #534556 by karschp, coltrane, Bojhan, David_Rothstein: Fix double appearance of the settings.php message in the installer
  • #947820 by boombatower: Fixed Form action URL is not obtained properly in SimpleTest
  • #936490 by dww, tstoeckler, haydeniv, Bojhan: Fixed Update module should verify downloaded tarballs and propagate errors correctly
  • #984358 by dalin, David_Rothstein: Fixed Upgrade from 6.x to 7.x always pulls your site out of maintenance mode immediately
  • #518512 by lelutin, dwong127, jhodgdon, nadavoid: Fixed Search from block with no keywords doesn't display the 'Please enter some keywords' message
  • #984416 by Berdir: Fixed #states doesn't work on submit buttons
  • #854432 by Jeff Burnz: Fixed Add styling for disabled form elements in Bartik
  • #841266 by Nephele: Fix typo in field ui string.
  • #819996 by amateescu, Jeff Burnz, tim.plunkett, Hoople, bleen18: Fix taxonomy term displays in Bartik.
  • #928776 by Jeff Burnz, mgifford, jensimmons, tim.plunkett, amateescu: Fixed Unpublished comments have a styling issue
  • #841266 follow-up by Nephele: Fixing tests broken by label change.
  • #988184 by Jeff Burnz: Remove duplicate IDs from preview.html in Bartik.
  • #827530 by ipwa, tim.plunkett, eugene.samoylenko, jensimmons: Fixed styling for Bartik Highlight and Help regions
  • #990148 by chx, jhodgdon: Provide context to hook_field_attach_view_alter().
  • #929780 by Jeff Burnz: Add background for messages when featured is active in Bartik
  • #985292 by ngmaloney, scor, bfroehle: Fixed Nodes published before 1970 won't insert in taxonomy index
  • #990814 by yched, jhodgdon: Fixed Intermittent test failures in field.test
  • #973314 by tekante, Damien Tournoud: Fixed PDO exception when attempting to add a new not null field with initial value
  • #991046 by carlos8f, mikey_p: Fixed PDO Exception after upgrading from Drupal 6.19 to Drupal 7 RC1
  • #941288 by David_Rothstein: Fixed overlay behaviour on phpinfo() link.
  • #975754 by jhodgdon: Fixed problems with hook_menu() documentation.
  • #988760 by ksenzee: Fixed theme_container can't be used with non-form elements
  • #977346 by jhodgdon, joachim: Fixed More detailed docs for entity_label
  • #307636 by zbricoleur: Fixed image_get_info() fails on IIS on new uploads
  • - Patch #854396 by tstoeckler, jhodgdon: improve documentation for date-related functions and hooks in system.module.
  • - Patch #632382 by mr.baileys, sun: 'Your name' should not be prepopulated with Anonymous.
  • - Patch #735196 by jhodgdon, sun: improve hook_filter_info() documentation.
  • - Patch #991588 by mfer, mbutcher: make t() faster.
  • - Patch #991726 by wojtha, meba: missing format_plural() in comments and node module.
  • #827528 by tlattimore, ipwa, reglogge, eugene.samoylenko, tim.plunkett, jensimmons, rschwab, amateescu: Fixed No styling for PRE, CODE tags in Bartik
  • #967330 by Dave Reid: Fixed The [current-user:?] token should provide the actual loaded user
  • #994482 by babbage: Fixed Syntax error in drupal_add_js API example
  • - Patch #992674 by carlos8f, scor, alexanderpas: private file download returns access denied.
  • - Patch #982814 by sun: messages are generated too early.
  • - Patch #992564 by wojtha: t() or format_plural() inside watchdog() function call in tracker and action module.
  • - Patch #991340 by alexpott: user_validate_current_pass() uses global and not the user object from the form.
  • - Patch #991944 by Jacine: theme_locale_admin_manage_screen() doesn't exist.
  • - Patch #953494 by ngmaloney: rdf_mapping_save() shouldn't pass by reference.
  • #965004 by johnbarclay, mr.baileys: Fixed Mismatched argument/variables in hook_user_login() documentation.


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