This may be more of a philosophical question. I'm a Drupal newbie (developer and themer), and I'm considering switching our current project's theme from Fusion to Omega.

The Omega theme contains several default CSS files. I have created a sub-theme to capture all my customizations. If I want to override some of the settings in one or more of the default CSS files, is it better to:

(1) Enable the theme's CSS file. Create my own version of the theme's CSS file in my sub-theme folder - e.g., mytheme-custom.css - and only include overrides and additional settings in the file. -OR-

(2) Disable the theme's CSS file. Copy the theme's CSS file to my sub-theme folder, rename it if I want, and add/modify/delete whatever I want. -OR-

(3) Some other option.

Is one approach better than another? Thanks for your help.


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The best method for this would be...

  • Disable the appropriate stylesheet in the theme settings for the subtheme you are using..
    • reset.css
    • text.css
    • regions.css
    • defaults.css
    • custom.css
  • Copy the content (or just what you want) from the CSS folder in the omega base theme
  • Include the file normally in your .info file for your subtheme
    • stylesheets[all][] = your_css_file.css

Doing it this way, you can use the same CSS file name (text.css) or name it whatever you like...

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That I can do! Thanks for your quick reply!

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