Release info

Created by: Island Usurper
Created on: December 9, 2010 - 19:16
Last updated: December 9, 2010 - 19:25
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Ubercart 3.0-beta1, 2010-12-09

  • API:
    • Implemented entity features for orders:
      • Added $reset parameter to uc_order_load().
      • Added uc_order_load_multiple().
      • Fields saved and loaded.
    • Order pane callbacks also changed signatures:
      uc_order_pane_PANE_ID($op, $order, &$form = NULL, &$form_state = NULL)
      • This signature applies to all ops, including those defined in 'edit-ops'.
    • Quote method callbacks no longer need to return formatted rates.
    • uc_currency_format() changed signature:
      uc_currency_format($value, $sign = NULL, $thou = NULL, $dec = NULL)
    • Removed uc_price().
    • Removed hook_uc_price_handler().
    • theme_uc_price() takes one parameter: 'price', a float.
    • theme_uc_product_price() expects a render element with a #value and optional #title and #attributes. Element children may be used to display text after the price.
    • 'view' $op added to hook_uc_cart_item()
      • Allows modules to modify items before they are shown on the cart page.
  • Database:
    • Dropped {cache_uc_price}.
    • Added {uc_taxed_product_types}.
    • Added {uc_taxed_line_items}.
  • Forms:
    • Submit buttons wrapped in a #type = 'actions' container.
    • Edit order form now contains field widgets.
  • Menu:
    • Customers may view their orders at user/%user/orders/%uc_order to match the parent item user/%user/orders.
  • Taxes:
    • Tax rates may be set to be included in product prices. Their associated conditions are not checked until the checkout page, where they are shown as separate line items and not part of product prices.