Hi there

If you can spare me 5mins to give some guidance that would be really appreciated.

I'm using taxonomy menu to put my taxonomy into my site navigation. When I go to the config page at admin/build/menu/trails I see the ability to link the taxonomy terms to the menu term as per my screen grab but I'm find that to make the module work (i.e expand the menu) I have configure each term individually. This means every time I setup a new taxonomy term I then have to come back this config page to link the term to the menu item which is itself as I have done so far in my screen grab.

Is this right - it seems rather time consuming - have I got something wrong?

Thanks for any help you can give

taxonomy-menu-trails.jpg234.26 KBchunty
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Administration interface of Taxonomy Menu Trails module is located at admin/settings/taxonomy-menu-trails. So this is not the right project for your support request. Which modules do you have except Taxonomy Menu Trails?

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