While profiling a Drupal 7 site, I noticed that htmlpurifier has a setting for double caching of the filter, and that this is set to FALSE by default. However the check_markup() cache caches the output of the entire text format, which may have any number of filters in use - and which may benefit from caching.

Additionally, text module now caches check_markup() output in the field cache as part of text_field_load() - this means there is no additional cache entry or cache_get()/set() when using text fields (which there used to be with check_markup() in D6) - the only double caching in this case would be a slightly larger field cache entry.

Another side effect of this, is that disabling the filter cache means that hook_filter_info() is called on every request, and htmlpurifier_filter_info() is currently causing a variable_set() on every request, will open an issue for that as soon as I've finished typing up this one.

In light of this, I'd suggest removing the feature altogether, attached a patch for that.

Also, while there is a setting for this, core currently doesn't update filter cache status when hook_filter_info() changes, see bug report at #993230: Text format cacheability is not updated. I implemented a workaround for this at #836000: Media filter should not prevent the core text format cache from being used but not sure what to do about the update numbering in htmlpurifer.install so left that for now.

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Tested the patch, found no issues. The patch looks good.

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I've applied the patch, but I'm leaving this bug open pending the other changes necessary that catch mentioned in his bug report. I must admit, I'm a little confused by the new caching structure of Drupal 7; are there any docs about it somewhere?

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-2.x-dev
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Thanks for the commit! No docs, but the original patch where the text module optimization went in is here - #369011: Performance: do check_markup() in text_field_load(). What it does is cache the results of check_markup() in the field cache, and in doing so doesn't bother using the check_markup() cache at all.

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Ok. As for update numbering, the convention is ostensibly XYZZ where X.Y is the Drupal version and ZZ is just a bunch of increasing numbers. So you could probably place it in htmlpurifier_update_7000 and that'd be fine. It'd be lovely if you could port the workaround.

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That's right, but I'm pretty sure you'll need the actual Drupal 6-7 upgrade code for htmlpurifier to run first #804240: 7.x Port.

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Thought about this some more, here's the update.

This will work for Drupal 7 sites doing head to head updates.

When the Drupal 6-7 update is ready, it should probably be renumbered and put at the end.

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re-rolling with updated update number (7002).

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.