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Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/fusion:1.x-dev'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: stephthegeek
Created on: 8 Dec 2010 at 00:57 UTC
Last updated: 21 Nov 2014 at 18:25 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Initial development version of Fusion Core and Fusion Starter for Drupal 7

#576420 by sociotech, ported fusion core and fusion starter to drupal 7

Important! This code is under active development and not recommended for production use. There is significant functionality still missing (e.g., Ubercart product theming, Skinr previews, etc.).

Guide to upgrading Fusion subthemes from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7: Converting Drupal 6 Fusion themes to Drupal 7

- changed core = to 7.x in fusion core and fusion starter
- added help, page_top, and page_bottom regions
- removed content-top and content-bottom regions
- moved all default theme settings into .info file
- changed advanced theme settings code in theme-settings.php to fusion_core_form_system_theme_settings_alter()
- deleted code that initializes theme settings
- converted page.tpl.php to d7 style
- added html.tpl.php template so i can add body classes
- changed main and secondary links/menu to d7 style
- removed head and body markup from page.tpl.php
- removed closure region from page.tpl.php
- changed body_classes to d7 style in template.php/page.tpl.php
- separated body class code out of page preprocess function and into new fusion_core_preprocess_html() function
- changed print statements to print render() in page.tpl.php
- updated fusion core theme functions to use new theme function format
- change $block->content to $content in block.tpl.php
- added skinr module for d7 and test things out
- made changes to work with skinr for d7
- cleaned up class display and more in block.tpl.php
- removed box.tpl.php
- changed "primary" to "main" in css stylesheets
- consolidated initial grid info variable creation into fusion_core_grid_info() function
- removed code for block edit links (functionality in core)
- removed "unverified" theme setting/code (functionality in core)
- converted "rows" to "regions"
- eliminated grid_row theme function
- added .info-based region adjusting system (Grid layout settings) now that content is a region
- put nested region information in .info file (Grid layout settings)
- removed $feed_icons variable in page.tpl.php
- converted fusion_core_theme_paths() to use john albin's new system_find_base_themes() function in core
- removed ie 31 stylesheet limit theme setting and code (functionality in core)
- changed to d7 way of adding conditional css/js
- removed fusion_core_css_count() function (no longer used)
- removed fusion_core_themesettings_link() function (no longer used)
- removed ubercart pre-rendering code from fusion core template.php and node-product.tpl.php & node.tpl.php from fusion starter
- changed sidebar-last to sidebar-second, sidebar_last to sidebar_second
- changed layout-first-main-last classes to layout-first-main-second
- removed fusion_core_preprocess_comment_wrapper() function from template.php (no longer used)
- removed teaser class from fusion_core_preprocess_node() in favor of core's node-teaser class
- removed node-type-x class from fusion_core_preprocess_node() in favor of core's node-x class
- removed sticky class from fusion_core_preprocess_node() in favor of core's node-sticky class
- for comment.tpl.php:
-- comment-by-anon class changed to comment-by-anonymous
-- comment-mine class changed to comment-by-viewer
-- comment-by-author class changed to comment-by-node-author
-- signature class changed to user-signature
-- css reference to div.links changed to ul.links
-- "submitted by" formatting removed from preprocess function and put into template
- #skip id changed to #skip-link in css to correctly hide it
- search_theme_form.tpl.php changed to search_block_form.tpl.php
- all templates updated with new markup (e.g., classes, attributes)
- changed block css ids (block-user-0) to new style in css (block-user-login)
- updated maintenance-page.tpl.php
- changed markup and css to use "region" instead of "row" class
- removed screenshot.js (functionality should be in Skinr for d7)
- changed drupal behavior functions to new format in script.js
- adjusted grid toggle button position to avoid admin menu

Changes #2 (11/19/2010):
Bug fixes:
#843928: Some region widths not calculating correctly in Lite by sociotech: Some region widths not calculating correctly in Lite
#814238: Header region is full width by sociotech: Header region is forced to be full width. Fix: header now uses its own preprocess function to avoid the standard region markup, so blocks can optionally be floated beside site info.
#896352: Function views_css_safe no longer exists in D7 by chillin411, juhaniemi, stephthegeek: Function views_css_safe no longer exists in D7, was also not correct value for type of view
by stephthegeek: Corrected label wording from "last sidebar" to "second sidebar" in theme settings
by sociotech: changed WEIGHT to GROUP for drupal_add_css per changes to D7

New features:
#815336: Apply IE overrides after local.css by sociotech: Apply IE overrides after local.css
#814240: Move main & secondary menus to regions by stephthegeek: Move main & secondary menus to regions. Fusion now uses blocks for all menus instead of printing special case menu variables in the theme. This is the way Drupal core is headed and enables much more flexibility with content you can put in regions, and how they can be styled.
by sociotech: Removed baked-in Superfish in Fusion, now officially supporting the more powerful Superfish module (which uses the same JS/starter CSS as was in Fusion), made possible with the changes in #814240: Move main & secondary menus to regions
#760078: local.css vs local-sample.css by stephthegeek, picca: Rename local.css to sample.local.css. More similar to Drupal core's default.settings.php and kinder for tab autocompletion.

Cleaning up & streamlining:
#843938: Remove block configuration link theme setting by stephthegeek: Remove block configuration link theme setting. Drupal now has its own great contextual links.
by stephthegeek: Combined administrator/developer theme settings, removed rebuild theme registry setting in favour of Devel
by sociotech: Removed Skinr references. There is no functional release of Skinr for Drupal 7, and the format of skins is completely changing, so the outdated skin format has been removed in Fusion.
by sociotech: removed layout-first-main-last body class in favor of core's sidebar classes
by sociotech: removed unneeded custom search-block-form.tpl.php template
by sociotech: removed $skinr class variable in views-view--page.tpl.php template
by sociotech: removed (commented out for now) overflow:hidden and various overflow:visible overrides
by sociotech: removed Skinr image previews

To Do:
- add ability to use skinr's upcoming preview capability:
- check inheritance of settings[] in .info file - patch submitted:
- add new product node template to fusion starter based on new render() function after Ubercart D7 is available

Drupal 7 Theming Resources:


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