I ve started a new project on top of Search API
Customizable search page with filters...


I want to provide a CCK/Field node_reference node browser Widget based on those custom search pages...

Have you already think about the D7 integration for modal widgets ?
the D7 overlay seams to be hard to use ;p


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node_reference done in http://drupal.org/project/ext_search_page

We are planning to release a clipboard module allowing to copy/paste entities or fields for later use...
We think that a clipboard is more useable and expandable than a multi browser.

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...why not merge with Relation or point to that as a D7 alternative? It has (or will have) as reference/relation browser: #1061688: Available entities browser that is actually implemented in #1113654: Relation reboot

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The main objective for porting this module to version 7 is to make it more generic. It should be an explorer, i. e. a jQuery dialog with embedded View, which can be used anywhere. Apart from the CCK/Field context, it should be deployable as a taxonomy browser, WYSIWIG editors etc., backed up by a strong API enabling this.

I'd rather prefer to build the node explorer on http://drupal.org/project/references as it is the official port of the former submodule nodereference.

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Subscribe. This is a great module that makes for a very usable interface for the clients. You know, for the clients.

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Title: node explorer in D7 » Port Nodereference explorer module to drupal 7
Issue tags: +D7 porting, +port to d7, +d7 ports

...less vague title + proper tags.

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I stumbled upon a new interesting module with similar functions:
Perhabs it's worth to join the efforts?

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Thanx for the link intervalle. The project seems to be fairly new and only has a reported usage count of 2 sites (vs the ~1000 of NR), but I'll give it a spin anyways ;)

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The relations module looks promising but has horrible UI and is confusing to get your head around.

I'd love to see the creators of this module help clean up that problem.

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Could someone run this through Coder to produce a first patch for an upgrade. There's a lot of sub-files to go through, but it would get us closer and isn't something that a newbie can do.

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Hello All:
Anyone can tell me which module to use on d7 to do the same function as the explorer in d6 nodereference????

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Component: Nodereference Explorer Plugins » Code
Priority: Normal » Major

Any progress in bringing this amazing module to D7???? I see that this issue was started over a year ago, but it does not appear that much has happened. (Even though the module's page states that it will be ported to D7..... and in fact wants to be included into core later on....)

Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any other module's that do exactly what this module does....

Also, when updated to D7, is a more general ENTITY reference approach going to be used? (Obviously, the name should probably then be changed to ENTITY Reference Explorer.)

Because of the importance of this issue (and the so far, lack of apparent action) I am upgrading this issue to MAJOR and putting it under the standard CODE component since it relates directly to the MAIN module.....

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Category: support » task
Priority: Major » Normal

The change to the "code" component is fair enough Randy, but this is rather a task and tasks are rarely "major". I agree that we all need this badly, but that alone simply doesn't justify the priority upgrade. Besides, -from personal experience- things like that only tend to enrage module maintainers ;)

I'll see if I can find some time to update this issue's summary with latest development & news about other related/alternative projects. The References dialog project mentioned back in #8 -for one- seems to have grown in usage/acceptance.

@gnindl: We'd all love to hear from you on this Gottfried. As Randy pointed out, it's been a year now that this issue was opened and almost a year since D7 got officially released. So, do you still intent to work on this? If so, how soon (not a promise - just an estimation so we know where we stand)? Are you aware of any alternative you'd perhaps suggest?

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My apologies if upgrading the issue to "major" came off as pushy or rude... My intent was to merely bring greater attention to the issue since there had not seemed to be much activity in resolving the issue for over a year.... If I had meant to be critical or trying to enrage anyone, I would have set it to "critical" ;)

Again, my apologizes.... That was not my intent. This is a great module and it would be amazing to have a version for D7!

Also, I just wanted to point out as well.... Perhaps further development should be branched off into something like "Entity Reference Explorer". And use a more generic, entity based approach. (To allow for more than JUST nodes to be able to be referenced.) Just a thought.....

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Title: Port Nodereference explorer module to drupal 7 » Port Nodereference explorer to Explorer module for Drupal 7
Version: 6.x-1.x-dev »
Component: Code » Documentation

Moved to new Explorer project

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Project: Nodereference Explorer » Explorer
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