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I have a question about how to make Storage API working with Rackspace Cloud Files.

I have setup the service, class and container. It has also created my container on Rackspace Cloud Files. So far so good.

Now, I use the file field with the image widget to upload images to the site. I then use ImageCache to display them probably on the various nodes.

How do I connect the container to the upload form on my "create content" page? So that all my images get served trough CDN?


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You can't - in Drupal 6 storage_api needs to be called directly from a module.

I'm developing a bridge module for Drupal 7 so that file field, image field and image styles will work with storage api.

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So there is no way to do this in Drupal 6? Even with a special module?

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Which modules do support it?

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I think this should help you

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Also if you are using Rackspace UK rather than the USA site then you will need to change-


Line 137

function __construct($username=NULL, $api_key=NULL, $account=NULL, $auth_host=US_AUTHURL)

function __construct($username=NULL, $api_key=NULL, $account=NULL, $auth_host=UK_AUTHURL)

Ive been told to mention that "Rackspace normally just allows you to specify the AUTHURL in the constructor, but this just changes the default for Ease of Use.".

Hope it helps someone.

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Title: Getting my site up and running with Rackspace Cloud Files » StorageRackspace class fails to pass valid $auth_host parameter for users of the UK datacentre.
Version: 6.x-1.2 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Component: Documentation » Code
Assigned: Unassigned » alanmackenzie
Category: support » bug
Status: Active » Needs review
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Ignore this wrong ticket.

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Title: StorageRackspace class fails to pass valid $auth_host parameter for users of the UK datacentre. » Getting my site up and running with Rackspace
Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-1.2
Component: Code » Documentation
Assigned: alanmackenzie » Unassigned
Category: bug » support
Status: Needs review » Active

Ignore this incorrect ticket first time.

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

I am a new co-maintainer for Storage_API. Drupal 6 is coming toward end of life as soon as D8 is released which should be by the end of 2014. Due to that, I am going to be closing all 6.x issues as it's a hurdle too far to overcome with the amount of issues in the queue against this module.