the code form the document.

  echo theme('jquery_countdown', array(
    'since' => date("F d, Y g:i a", mktime(0,0,0,0,0,2009)),
    'format' => 'YOWDHMS',
    'description' => t('Since New Year'),

when i put this code in the story, and change the mktime(0,0,0,10,20,2013)set the input type to php,but it can't work, why.


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change "since" to "until" then it will work.

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I'm using D7, and the example doesn't work at all. Perhaps the API has just changed since then. This got things working for me.

echo theme('jquery_countdown', array(
  'id' => 'countdown_' . $cid,
  'options' => array(
    'until' => date('F d, Y g:i a', $countdown['target_time']),
    'format' => $countdown['output_format'],
    'description' => '', 
  'content' => date('Y-M-D H:i:s', $countdown['target_time']),
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