Hi There,
Thanks for your work on this module.

I can't seem to get the multi-site search facets to appear, the only on that appears is the site facet.

I'm sharing a Solr core between 3 websites the multi-site search works as advertised but I cannot seem display any blocks - their enabled in the Solr settings & those corresponding blocks/facets are set to be in a region.

I'm I missing a gotcha somewhere? Been through the groups and issue queues but no one else seems to bringing this up? Is it just me being dim?

#5 add-taxonomy-facets-985196.patch1.14 KBwalkah


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Can anyone else confirm this behaviour? Or is it an issue for the main Apache Solr Search Module?

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Yes I can confirm I'm not getting the blocks to show either.

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Finally got back to investigating this problem, setup two D6 sites with CCK & Solr Search + Multisite Search. New empty Solr Core - connected them, indexed. Enabled the multisite facets & blocks - added them to the pages. The multisite search itself is ok just no facets to filter on....

Stumped! Willing to sponsor development of this module if anyone can help please get in touch

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I can confirm this behaviour - looks like in the hook_block() implementation, there's some missing code to handle things like taxonomy term facets. working on a patch to post shortly...

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added a patch for taxonomy vocabulary facets... not totally happy with the block title code, but it works.

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I think the meta data doc should have the real names?

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Actually, looking at the code, I'm not 100% sure we are storing the non-munged version in the meta data. If we are not, we shoudl be, and maybe in a more accessible form.

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nice one, thanks walkah that works for me. Although there's still a remaining issue that plagued the Apache Solr Search Integration module too. The length of the block delta field is to long and I'm getting error messages on the Block admin page - Duplicate Entry....


I'm not that familiar with either of these modules to attempt a patch myself, should I file this as a separate issue?

thanks all for your help - MUCH appreciated!

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#5 works for me