I see directions on the project home page for how to create a menu minipanel. I'll summarize them as I understand them:

  1. Create a minipanel.
  2. Add a menu item to a minipanel by editing the menu item. (I'm assuming that when you add a menu item, all child-items will be on that mini-panel.)
  3. ....?

Meaning: How do you then cause that minipanel to appear somewhere?

I've used the Content sub-tree of the Navigation menu as a test. I assigned it to a minipanel, reviewed the settings (they don't mean anything to me until I can see it work, so I just accept them as-is), save them, and then -- what? How do I put this somewhere? What should I see?


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Step 3 seems to be "place the block corresponding to the minipanel in the desired region."

But when I do that, I see an empty block. Still can't tell if it's working.

Also, I note that on Garland, I can't place a minipanel block in the Header region.


I can see the mini panel container inside the block after I position it; however, the container is totally empty.

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Additional information: If I view-source on the page, I see several interesting things.

First, I see no indication that the 'Create Content' subtree exists inside of a panel in the page code.

Second, I do see a script tag corresponding to the qtip library, as follows:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/sites/all/modules/menu_minipanels/js/lib/jquery.qtip-1.0.0-rc3.min.js?e"></script>

However, if I follow the SRC link (in Firefox), what I'm shown is the source code for a web page, not a minified javascript library. So, even if I could see the panel, it wouldn't work.

Will be looking into this more; still, I would like to know how one is expected to cause the menu minipanel to be displayed in the page.

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Have copied the actual minified library and given it the name jquery.qtip-1.0.0-rc3.min.js -- I can now verify that it's being linked from the web page. However, still no evidence that the navigation subtree is being included in the page as part of a panel, and no evidence of minipanels being displayed anywhere.

EDIT: have also switched to Bluemarine to eliminate Garland as a factor.

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I'm having the same difficulties, and not sure if it's simply because the instructions are too abstract for me, or rather because of some sort of technical issue. If I figure it out, I will share anything I learn.

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Hi @escoles

Are you still having issues?

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Thanks for all the great work in putting this module together thus far.
I'm having the same set of issues as mentioned above.
1) after following the instructions the public facing menu or code associated with the panel does not show up.
2) Switching my theme to garland still did not resolve this issue.
3) would someone have a url to a working version of this module so I could take a look at the generated code?
4) The checkbox associated with this menu that should show in the editing page section(node/??/edit) does not appear. It however the configuration options appears in the menu section when editing a specific menu option(admin/build/menu/item/???/edit).

Please let me know if more information will be needed.


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@dwsnow, best you open new threads for general problems rather than posting into an existing one.

1. Are you using the latest version 1.1 (released just a few hours ago)
2. Are you using that latest version with ctools-6.x-1.8 and panels-6.x-3.8?
3. Can you post a link to your dev site (or private message me with the details) so I can see whats happening.

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Version: 6.x-1.0 » 6.x-1.1

I don't get it , either. The current release doesn't kill the page layout anymore (which is an improvement), but where is the Menu Minipanel supposed to appear? In the menu where the minipanel was selected? That doesn't work for me, not at all. In the block "Mini-Panel: „Mega Dropdown Menu“" ("Mega Dropdown Menu" was the name I gave the minipanel for the mega dropdown menu)? That doesn't work for me, either - it's simply a block with a minipanel in it. Very weird stuff...

Is there a reference environment where this should work, e.g. in a core theme like Garland, or are there any known incompatibilities? In my Fusion subtheme I tried to disable "primary menu as dropdown" in the theme settings for Navigation > Primary Menu; that removed the dropdown, but didn't bring up the Mini Panel. Maybe 'Menu Minipanel' does not work for the Primary Menu, or it does not work if the menu is in certain regions?

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@asb best you open new threads for problems rather than posting into an existing one.

---------- CLICK BY CLICK BEGINNERS TUTORIAL ---------------

This tutorial assumes garland theme, ctools-6.x-1.8 and panels-6.x-3.8.

Menu minipanels uses two things to display mega menus - menu item configuration and minipanels.

1. First - download and enable the module, and follow the instructions in README on how to install the qtip javascript library.

2. Second - We create the content that will display in the megamenu dropdown.

- /admin/build/mini-panels/add
-- Enter 'test' and 'test' for 'administrative title' and 'name'.
-- Click 'continue'
-- At the next screen, click 'continue' again.
-- Under category select 'Columns 2'
-- Select the first radio box 'two column'
-- In the grey 'Left side' box click the gear icon on the left hand side of the box
-- Select 'add content' from the popup menu
-- Select 'new custom content' on the left hand side menu.
-- Select input format = full, in the body field type '<h1>left side test</h1>'
-- Click 'finish'
-- In the grey 'right side' box, click the gear icon on the left hand side of the box
-- Select 'add content' from the popup menu
-- Select 'new custom content' on the left hand side menu.
-- Select input format = full, in the body field type '<h1>RIGHT side test</h1>'
-- Click 'finish'

----> Now you are back at the "Add a new minipanel" screen, with red text saying 'status: changes not saved' in both the grey 'left side' and 'right side' boxes.

-- Click 'finish' to save the minipanel

----> Now you are at /admin/build/mini-panels and you can see a minipanel called 'test' in the list. Now you have a minipanel you can set to appear when a menu item is hovered over.

3. Third - Set the menu item to show the minipanel when hovered over.

I'll assume you want to have the mega menu appear when an item is hovered in your primary links.

- Visit /admin/build/menu-customize/primary-links
- Click 'Add item'
-- Enter node in the path, and 'test hover' in the 'title' fields.
-- Where it says 'Menu Minipanel:' at the bottom of the screen, select your minipanel you just created from the list - 'test'

----> Many more options now appear. We'll only configure the most basic options.

- Under 'Hover position configuration' select 'Target:' = 'Bottom Left' and 'Tooltip:' = 'Top Left', assuming that we are using the primary links in the garland theme. If you're not, you may need to use common sense to select what makes sense for your theme.
- Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'save'

- Now visit your front page /
- When you hover over the menu item, you will see the content appear.

----> Obviously, this is very basic content, and the content we have display in the test is not useful, but you can now see how to display content. And of course that can be anything that can be displayed in a minipanel - like a view, or another menu - just select the appropriate content when you configure the minipanel.

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Title: Setting Up Menu MiniPanels - Still not working » Still not working
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Title: How do I tell if it's working? » Setting Up Menu MiniPanels - Still not working

Thanks for the instructions above. I followed all of the instructions and I still do not see the minpanel when I hover orver my menu selection. This would be great functionality if I could get it to work. When I preview the mini panel I see the miniPanel. When I set up the minipanel for the menu item and try to view it, nothing happens. Please Help.

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Title: Still not working » Setting Up Menu MiniPanels - Still not working

Please see if the patch in http://drupal.org/node/1025458#comment-3949302 helps you.

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@ #5: Have refactored for a simpler solution (using GigaMenu).

Thanks for the step by step @ #9. Will review & try on next project requiring this type of menu.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Thank You aschiwi this worked. It took me awhile to figure it out.

I must have had an issue with other modules as well .....mainly CTools and Panel.

Long story short, I had to uninstall several modules, reinstall them making sure I was using the latest version, make the changes you suggested to menu_minipanels and make sure I created a menu_minipanel/js/lib directory and put jquery.qtip-1.0.0-rc3.min.js in the manually created directory.

After that, it worked like a charm.

Thank You.

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I followed #9 by willieseabrook and it works!

Thanks so much for the tip!!!

I am using a Zen sub-theme as well as Panels 6.x-3.9.

Can anybody post a style guide?

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Version: 6.x-1.1 » 6.x-1.2

I hope it's ok to follow up here, since this thread has instructions on how to set things up.

I have two questions:

First, what is "node" referring to in "enter node in the path"?:

- Visit /admin/build/menu-customize/primary-links
- Click 'Add item'
-- Enter node in the path, and 'test hover' in the 'title' fields.
-- Where it says 'Menu Minipanel:' at the bottom of the screen, select your minipanel you just created from the list - 'test'

What node should one be specifying? If the minipanel is a menu, I'm not sure what node is appropriate.

Second, if I have a menu that I want to present as second and third-level menu items under the primary menu in two columns, what is the best way to accomplish that? Do I need a separate sub-menu for each column or is there a better way?


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I (eventually!) managed to get the 'test' menu minipanel to appear by following willieseabrook's tutorial (in this thread- above). I can see that much thought has gone into this module and it shows great know-how, but several niggles need to be mentioned:
(1) Menu minipanels do not automatically allow for screen edge proximity. With the 'test hover' selector on the extreme right of a horizontal row of items for example, the rightmost half of the minipanel is offscreen. However, it is possible to manually compensate for this by setting the 'Tooltip' position (to 'top right' in this instance). But this does mean that menu item order needs to be carefully considered and preserved. Any alteration in ordering (such as by tinkering with weighting) could result in minipanels ending up partially (or completely) offscreen.
(2) Menu minipanels render behind some other elements - such as the website logo and the breadcrumb trail - this is even in Garland theme. I found this surprising and disappointing as it is pretty obvious that mega menus by their nature need to always sit on top of everything else in order to be useful.
(3) Labelling of some items in the minipanels create/edit forms is misleading. 'Anchor position' would be a lot more helpful than 'Tooltip' (it sets up the location of a minipanel relative to the top level menu title). and 'Tip style' is completely mystifying because it offers no styling options! What it actually does is specify either no pointer or a pointer to the parent, top level menu item. I can't imagine any situation where you would want to position this pointer differently to the anchor position, so why the necessity to specify this information twice? Surely the 'Tip style' form element should be changed to a check box and if ticked, the anchor position data could then be used to position the pointer. However, what could be handy would be an element to specify a +/- offset value in pixels for finely adjusting the position of the minipanel relative to the anchor point.

i hope this helps to make a great project even better

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@manObject: This issue is closed and fixed; please do not try to hijack foreign issues. Thank you.

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@manObject: Thanks for the feedback, I'll add some additional issues based on your suggestions.

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Thanks escoles,

I had exactly the same issue. At first I did a search on google and downloaded the jquery-qtip-1.0.0-rc3.min.js from here:


However upon inspecting the file I seemed to have a whole load of html in there somehow.

EDIT: HTML removed by Dave Reid

Once I figured this out I was able to re download from the recommended link:


Then from the downloaded zip extract the file that I need:


and copy to requested location i.e.


voila - it works!

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@2dareis2do: please edit your post and remove the 71KB of raw HTML you pasted into this discussion, that was not cool! :(

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@jsibley I know your post was posted a year ago, but I've just found this module and I am confused with the 'node' reference too. Did you figure it out?

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Please a) try the latest 1.3 RC, b) read the README.txt file, c) try the documentation. Failing that, please open a new issue. Thank you.

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Works well thanks

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Issue summary: View changes

It is working. However, for me, is a poor solution: If I need a Megamenu is because my menu is too complex with three levels of hiperlinks. It is supposed Megamenus are the solution for this cases
So if I have to get advantage of this module, I need:

  • Create a minipanel layout with, at least four or five columns. I still don´t know how, but I suppose I will find help anywhere
  • Deactivate all the children of my menu and create unordered lists of links and cannot use "views" since I have to nest lists inside lists.
  • Find a solution for dropdown to align at the beginning of the menu and not to align with the corresponding tab (otherwise I dont get space enough)
  • And (something asumed from the beginning) stylize the minipanel

Understand me: I have read a post (http://es.slideshare.net/webbeh/mini-panels) that says Minipanels Megamenu uses the resources of Drupal to create the Megamenu. In consequence after seeing the result I feel quite disappointed