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SHA-1: 801c35e6a4d3e14ca584dc48731a5e4d8925ee80
SHA-256: 5d640fdea04243f0d20cdf4e7f9c6a7d214e125107f46214db0247d657c1be8d
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Release info

Created by: drunken monkey
Created on: 29 Nov 2010 at 12:22 UTC
Last updated: 29 Nov 2010 at 12:25 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

The major changes for this release are:
- The module now fully supports the exportable feature of the Entity API.
- The Solr search module was moved into a seperate project.
- Several API changes, mostly regarding the service backends.
- A ton of bug fixes.

All changes since Beta 3 with their issues:

API changes:
- #976876: Move Solr module into its own project: Move Solr module into its own project.
- #962582: Cross-entity searches: Cross-entity searches (API addition).
- #939482: Fix exportables by fago: Fix exportables.
- #939092: Code review & discussion: Several API changes regarding service class methods.
- #939414: UX feedback: Enhanced service class descriptions. [soft API change]
- #939464: quick fix to fix warnings with dev versions: Documented Entity API's module and status properties.
- #939092: Code review & discussion: Changed private members to protected in all classes.
- #936360: Make servers and indexes exportable: Make servers and indexes exportable.

- #966512: Views date field throws warning if values are missing: "Time ago" option for Views date fields (+bug fix for missing value).
- #965318: Lots of notices if entities are missing: Lots of notices if entities are missing in Views.
- #961210: Hide error messages: Hide error messages.
- #963756: Array to string conversion error: Array to string conversion error.
- #961276: Some random bugs: Some random bugs.
- #961122: Exportability UI fixes: Exportability UI fixes.
- #913858: Fix adding properties that are lists of entities: Fix adding properties that are lists of entities.
- #961210: Hide error messages: Don't hide error messages.
- #961122: Exportability UI fixes: Display configuration status when viewing entities.
- #889286: EntityAPIController::load() produces WSoD sometimes with PHP 5.2: EntityAPIController::load() produces WSoD sometimes.
- #958378: "Clear index" is broken by marvil07: "Clear index" is broken
- #955892: Typo in search_api_solr.install: Typo in search_api_solr.install.
- #951830: "List of language IDs" context suspicious: "List of language IDs" context suspicious.
- #939414: UX feedback: Rename "data-alter callbacks" to "data alterations".
- #939460: Views integration troubles: Views integration troubles.
- #945754: Fix server and index machine name inputs: Fix server and index machine name inputs.
- #943578: Duplicate fields on service creation: Duplicate fields on service creation.
- #709892: Complete entity CRUD hook invocations: Invoke hook_entity_delete() on entity deletions.
- #939414: UX feedback: Set fields provided by data-alter callbacks to "indexed" by default.
- #939414: UX feedback: Provide a default node index upon installation.
- #939822: Support fields by fago: Support fields.
- #939442: Bad data type defaults: Bad data type defaults [string for fields with options].
- #939482: Fix exportables: Override export() to work with "magic" __get fields.
- #939442: Bad data type defaults: Bad data type defaults.
- #939414: UX feedback: Improved descriptions for processors.
- #939414: UX feedback: Removed the "Call hook" data alter callback.
- #938982: Not all SearchApiQuery options are passed: Not all SearchApiQuery options are passed.
- #931066: HTTP timeout not set correctly by luke_b: HTTP timeout not set correctly.


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