I like the module and plan to use on a Drupal 7 site. Any plans of porting it to Drupal 7. Timelines please...


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There are no immediate plans to port to D7. I will surely get around to it when the demand increases.

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I really need this module ported to Drupal 7 to import excel file. In the meantime I will try to port at least the excel import feature. But not sure how long that will take. It looks it is quite a job.

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Version: 6.x-1.5-beta3 » 6.x-1.x-dev
Category: support » task


Demand increasing :-)

Seems most of the functionality would be version-agnostic, but a port does mean committing each new enhancement to the D6 and D7 branches.

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A port is coming up soon - within this week possibly.

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Hello, I'd just like to add my vote for a D7 port.

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Count me in for the request for a D7 port. I'm just starting a project and I'd really like to include sheetnode.


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Here's the D7 dev release: http://drupal.org/node/1026438.

Warning: it's still rough around the edges. Currently, the module only exposes a new Sheet field, not a Sheetnode content type. You will need to create your own content type.

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev
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Count me in for the request for a D7 port. I think the the demand is increasing.

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First of all, thanks to infojunkie for making the sheetnode port to Drupal 7. I was wondering, though, has anyone gotten this to work? When I create a sheetnode node in D7, I just get an empty node. It will create the node, but there are no form fields for the title, body and no spreadsheet is visible. After I create it, there is a new node in the database, but nothing else. The sheetnode is the only module that I have installed, and I have installed the socialcalc folder also. I am using QuickStart 0.9 for development and sheetnode works great for Drupal 6, but I don't see anything for Drupal 7. Any ideas?

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Title: Drupal 7 » Drupal 7 (Sheetnode)

(changed title for Tracker)

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Same issue as #11.

I also tried to make a view, and when I try to change the format from Unformatted to Shreadsheet, the radio button indicates that I selected it, but when I say "OK", it reverts back to "Unformatted".

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Same issue as post #13 states.

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The port to D7 is underway. I will update this thread once it is ready.

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i really need this module! whew...

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Thanks for a great module! I'm also waiting for the D7 version!

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+1 I have been eagerly awaiting the D7 release for awhile. Thanks for all your hard work!

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I just grabbed the 7.x branch.

Created content type Sheet, added a field, then error

    Notice: Undefined index: node in sheetnode_field_widget_form() (line 81 of /Users/clemens/Sites/drupal/d7/www/sites/default/modules/contrib/sheetnode/sheetnode.module).
    EntityMalformedException: Missing bundle property on entity of type node. in entity_extract_ids() (line 7383 of /Users/clemens/Sites/drupal/d7/www/includes/common.inc).

I suspect the line is wrong

      list($id, $vid, $bundle) = entity_extract_ids($instance['entity_type'], $form_state[$instance['entity_type']]);

My greatest puzzle is what this has to do with field settings ...

Hope this helps a little ... no patch :(

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Although it is not yet even an official dev release, you can try the release from here:


It has some of the basics working at least.

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The release above displays the sheet, allows to edit it but doesn't let me to save the node. It redirects to user page without saving the content. And yeah, I know it's still work in progress :) Is there any chance for an update? I'd be more than happy to test it.

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#23 Same here.

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OK. I made another commit of my working code. It has been working for me (creating and saving sheetnode nodes), so hopefully the basics will work for you all as well. Also, I have been using the Excel file import function successfully, so you can test that out as well. I haven't tested other functionality. I have mostly been working on RDF import/export from the spreadsheet.

You can check out this latest test version here:


Select the snapshot link to get the compressed file.

Let me know how it works for you.

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Very promising module! Looking fwd to an official release :)

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I installed the #27 snapshot, but that does not work at all. Is it the right git link?
Sheetnode configuration not available.
And the following submodules are not drupal 7 compatible (still d6 versions):
sheetnode google spreadsheets
sheetnode html
sheetnode text

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Finally I also installed #27 but got the same result as described in #25

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@infojunkie: What is your planning for your work on the D7 version? Long time ago that the latest dev version changed. Did you put this version on hold?
I think sheetnode will get a lot of interest once it integrates with the Drupal 7 entity system. What is your approach in this?

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Hmmm. This is perplexing. To check this out, I just created a new install of Drupal 7.8 in the Quickstart environment (version 1.0). Then I downloaded from the link in #27. Then I downloaded the socialcalc code from the infojunkie's github site, unzipped it, renamed it socialcalc and placed under the sheetnode directory. Then of course I enabled the sheetnode module. After this I was able to select "Add content" and then select "Sheetnode Node Type" and then successfully create a new sheetnode, save it, update it, and delete it. So I am at a loss to understand why it is not working for others. Would someone be able to reproduce these steps and see if it works for them, or if not, at what point it breaks down?

To add to this perplexing situation, I then enabled the Sheetnode PHPExcel module. Note (in response to #29) that it is only at this point that there is any configuration for the Sheetnode module. So I copied the Classes folder to the root of the website and then set the path through Configuration->Sheetnode PHPExcel setting (as per the instructions on the Sheetnode project page). After this I was even able to successfully upload an Excel XLSX file via Add Content->Sheetnode import from XLSX.

Note that none of the other functionality has been developed or tested, e.g., XLS or ODS import/export. Also the Sheetnode Text, Sheetnode Google Spreadsheets and Sheetnode HTML import/export don't work because none of their files, including the info file, has been updated for Drupal 7, as noted in #29. Also the Views integration has not been touched for version 7.

So if anyone could run through these steps and see what they get at least for the basic functionality described above, perhaps at least we can begin to drill down to any differences and hopefully come up with some solutions. Thanks.

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I very much need to see this completely developed for D7 including the templates, and import features. I am prepared to put a bounty on having this work done.

infojunkie, will that help you get this moving?

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@1959mvp - I suggest you contact @bkudrle above first, he's the one porting Sheetnode to D7. If he can't commit, please contact me privately.

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@bkudrle looking at your commit diff in #27 Issue #980740 by bkudrle - Designate #sheets to import from Excel and added RDF hook, it's only a few lines of documentation, but I don't see any RDF related code in this particular diff. Maybe you posted the wrong commit link?

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Good point, scor. I am not sure what happened, but I am finally getting to work on this project again and am planning to post an update next week. Insights from your response at #1271186: Exporting data to the RDF store has been helpful in moving this forward.

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#32 I tried Quickstart and I have the problem described here: http://drupal.org/node/1259294
Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? Looks like I am going to become a Drupal developer whether I like it or not.

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.0-alpha1
Status: Active » Fixed

Please try the new 7.x-1.0-alpha1. It's completely new code - I wasn't working on previous D7 code. Make sure to read the release notes. Please open new issues - this one's done.

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Thank you infojunkie for continuing to work on this. I realized what I was doing wrong before. I was not installing socialcalc after installing sheetnode. For anyone else who forgot to install socialcalc, here are the steps I used to install it:

1. From sheetnode install folder (sites/all/modules/sheetnode for me) download infojunkie's socialcalc github repo: sudo wget http://github.com/infojunkie/socialcalc/tarball/master

2. Extract github repo within the same dir: sudo tar xvf master

3. Rename extracted dir (infojunkie-socialcalc-0d29282 for me) to socialcal: sudo mv infojunkie-socialcalc-0d29282 socialcalc

Now when you go to "Add content -> Sheetnode" the spreadsheet should appear.

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Thanks binarydru for this information. I was hoping it would be clear form the installation instructions on the module page - is it not clear over there?

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Now that I read it yes it is clear, but I somehow missed it the first time. My main issue was I do not have much experience with git so it took me a little bit to figure out I had to untar the socialcalc tarball (mostly because it didn't end in .tar). Feel free to use my instructions I posted. I think they are more dummy friendly :)

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I updated the instructions with your examples. Thanks!

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.