Are there any quick and easy documentation on how to use this module?



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Status: Active » Fixed

Follow those steps.

1. First install module (download and untar in to sites/all/modules)
2. Download the VideoJS library http://videojs.com/ and put it in sites/all/library
3. Go to module admin settings and add the correct path to the lib
4. Create CCK filefield. Only supported contents are webm(not required), ogv, mp4.
5. You will have to upload 3 files in the same time and save it.

Njoy the module.

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when you refer to video js library what exactly are you referring to. my installation keeps telling me i'm missing the library but i don't see a separate file for that.


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@Silence download the lib fron videojs.com and unzip to sites/all/libraries/videojs

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@heshan.lk ... It would be helpful to include in the help me text and the web documentation (if any exists). Sometimes installation and usage isn't intuitive, so thorough documentation is most helpful.

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This is where I'm at with this.

1) downloaded the files 6.x-1.1 Download (16.59 KB) from http://drupal.org/project/videojs

2) Unzipped the file

3) Then used FTP to load the file to the modules folder

4) Then went to http://videojs.com/ and downloaded Latest Stable Version: 2.0.1 green download free tab

5) unzipped and loaded to /public_html/sites/all/libraries

This is what I have in the drupal admin at this point "The directory specified does not seem to contain the videojs library. Check to make sure that the video.js file is located within this directory."

VideoJS Settings
videojs file directory: /sites/all/libraries/

where did I go wrong?

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@Silence, mistake is in directory name "videojs". Correct is "video-js".

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I actually just experienced the opposite, whereas had the libraries directory named as I downloaded 'video-js,' but media wouldn't render until I changed the directory name on the server and admin page to 'videojs.'

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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What are the three files?

I am guessing ogv and mp4 are two ..... The third?

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Perhaps FLV. I have no idea why heshan mentioned three files. One would be enough.

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go to http://videojs.com/

click on on SELF HOSTED

The videojs rar file will download upload in appropriate director according to Drupal and it will work , worked for me thanks