Hello everybody,

Please tell me the best way to learn module development in Drupal.
Is there any good and simple ebooks?

Thanks a lot


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Pro Drupal Development is thought to be very good. The Drupal 7 version will be released at the end of this month.
I personally used Learning Drupal 6 Module Development when I was first learning Drupal 6, and it was very good.

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Explore the Drupal Online Documentation: http://drupal.org/documentation
Particularly the links under "Developing for Drupal": http://drupal.org/contributors-guide
You'll find there an abundance of information, but as for starting out, I learned alot by reading through the tutorials... the Step-by-step guides to creating modules: http://drupal.org/developing/modules

The further along I got through them, it seemed like the more advanced ones were less-and-less well-organized, so at that point you might want to go on into some other book. (However, I believe the reason they seem less organized is because at that point, it becomes more and more clear how flexible Drupal is, and there are simply many different directions to go in your learning.)