Make sure that the module behaves accordingly when a role that has been selected to be assigned automatically or exposed to a user is modified or deleted.


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Title: When a role is adjusted in Drupal Auto Assign Role reacts accordingly. » Drupal changes role

Updating title to be more use case like

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Title: Drupal changes role » AAR should handle situations when role settings change
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What should happen in these cases?

I might be missing something but if a role is deleted then any users that are assigned to that role are no longer assigned.
Also if this role has been setup to be auto assigned then it would no longer get assigned. Similarly for user choice, the deleted role wouldn't be on the list.

Is it just that autoassognrole needs to recognise the removal of roles better and provide warning message to an admin, either on deleting of a role (if possible, I haven't looked) or within the autoassignrole admin screens to warn that a particular role registration by page won't actually do anything because the role no longer exists?

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I have just tested this with a role set to be auto assigned on standard registration as well as on a path based registration (based upon patch from #971320: Administrator configures registration paths, each with customised role assignments). Having created a new user from the standard registration as well as from path based registration both users are assigned to this role. When the role is then deleted, the relevant users are no longer assigned to this role. On registering a new user from both the standard and path based registration these work fine without any errors or issues.

@cyberswat, what is the use case for this, as it seems to work correctly?

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Just updated status as need more information on this one