Today we`ve got 0 critical issues in D7
So what about porting this into D7 ?


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I am using mp3player on all my Drupal sites to provide audio versions of all the content. I would really need this feature in the nearer (end of spring) future.

Any chacne for that?

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A D7 version would be sick. I use this on so many D6 sites too. Does anyone have a similar alternative for D7 for the time being?

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Just a note on this (I'm not the developer or related to the project - only tested with it in the past). I know that the audio module seems to be (most likely) ceasing being supported, and I'd imagine the same situation with this module (not been updated, it seems since this past July).

Here's the thread I'm referencing:

From the sound of it, it'd be better to try and learn an alternative method of playing audio/video files with Drupal 7. I do think it sounds like it'll all work better, but that does mean more work for the rest of us up front.

Probably for the best, though, b/c then we don't have to depend upon individual developers keeping up with this stuff. I mean, being this stuff is free, I'd imagine there are many times when the developers just can't take the time to work on them. I hate it, but it's simple math: 0 + 0 = 0.... whereas 1 + 1 = 2... and they gotta pay their power bills. :0)

Anyway, I've just been thinking about that lately, seeing a few modules I've used or thought about using where the devs haven't seemed to touch them in several months or more.

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Most of the modules I commit to the community including this one I develop for the company I work for. So when it works for those companies I have little need to update them (sorry for being selfish). Plus CVS is a pain to commit to for me so bring on GIT!

Going forward when I start working on my first D7 in March I'll probably come up with a new audio solution based around jplayer. If anyone wants to update this module then feel free to contact me and I'll make you a contributor.


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Sounds promising - working with jplayer... It's got dev versions available for d7 now... I wonder if you can just up and use it with audio rather than just video...

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yeah the D7 branch is what I have been working on and it works great with just audio, but also works well with video if needed.

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---So, you're now working on a Drupal 7 port of the MP3 Player module? Just wanting to clarify.-----

Nevermind... I just needed to read back a little further again, since I didn't remember. You're working on jplayer. :0)


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in case you're still looking, I did a D7 port for a project. Here's the sandbox::

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There are at least 3 critical security issues affecting this module. Calling for a D7 port is a bit premature unless you like having insecure websites.

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Once we get this beast living again, I'll work on a D7 port.

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I have added the 7.x-2.x branch to the repository for your abuse. Please let me know if you have any issues with it. Should have all the XSS fixes from the 6.x version.

Yes, I skipped 7.x-1.x..

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7.x-2.x-dev is there for you.. Looking forward to 8.x now.. It never ends.

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