Is it possible to set trails in several menus at the same time? I have 2 taxonomy menus on the page, each is based on its own vocabulary.


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You can write your own module to implement alternative blocks with menus which will support multiple active trails. You can't do it with default Drupal's menu blocks, as I know.

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@maximpodorov - I have the same situation did you manage to write any code for this or do you or Dimitriy have any starting points for which functions need re-writing for this...

Thanks all and thanks again to Dimitriy for pointing me to this post

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I suggest to create Taxonomy Menu Blocks module with alternative menu block realization which will:
1. use active trails for several menus
2. do not check user permissions to access links - it is a HUGE performance improvement when taxonomy term pages are generated by views

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2 maximpodorov
It would be great to have such module for Drupal. Also, I'd like to integrate support for setting multiple active trails on node's page into Taxonomy Menu Trails module. Please, let me know about first progress with Taxonomy Menu Blocks (first upload of usable code to CVS or just project page creation).

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Status: Fixed » Postponed
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It looks like the existing module is well suited for this task. I'll see how to integrate it with Taxonomy Menu Trails.

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I am having the same problem (I think).

Any info on how exactly to achieve this behaviour: active taxonomy menu with trails will show the "entrance path".

- vocabulary "fabrics" with hierarchical terms "-jeans" and "--stretch".
- another vocabulary "appliance" with term "leisure"
Both have a taxonomy menu

- when navigating to the node using the "fabrics-jeans-stretch" menu, this menu should be active + trail on the node page.
- BUT when navigating to the node using the "appliance - leisure" menu, this menu should be active + trail on the node page.

As far as I understood this module always shows the path as set in the settings of this module ("First/Last/First with menu/Last with menu/Deepest in lineage") on the node page. Right?

Anyway; how exactly do I achieve the behaviour as described above? THANKS!

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@bartvdputte: How can we distinguish which menu link was pressed to get to node's page? Page referrer? It is not a solution, because any additional actions which lead to page reload will break this, page caching for anonymous users will break this too.

I agree, it would be great to have this functionality, but without ugly workarounds it is impossible. If I'm not right, please let me know.

And you have a little different problem: maximpodorov wants to have multiple active trails at the same time on node's page.

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Did anyone get a working example of this?

I also would love to have active trails set in multiple menus (for multiple taxonomy vocabs).

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Status: Postponed » Closed (won't fix)

Feel free to re-open this issue if there will be any progress on custom menu blocks implementation with multiple active trails support.

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However, this feature is planned for 7.x version.