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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 23:21

Release notes

Important: Note that the theme functions are entirely different now, so if you're overriding a theme, you'll need to refactor it with this release.

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-1:

  • by aaron: Replace _emvideo_youtube_check_flv_player_setup() with _media_youtube_check_flv_player_setup().
  • by aaron: Convert pre-existing variables from emvideo on installation.
  • by aaron: Convert pre-existing variables from emvideo on installation.
  • by aaron: Ensure we have the required variable namespace on hook_install.
  • #775122 by aaron: Fix fatal error: Call to undefined function media_youtube_variable_get().
  • by aaron: Add video availability status support.
  • by aaron: Remove duplicate _media_youtube_set_include_path().
  • by aaron: Implement hook_flush_caches().
  • by aaron: Allow override of unavailable message.
  • by aaron: Change force_unavailable to no_unavailable_message.
  • by aaron: Add 'no_swf' option; clean up whitespace in output; add Dru-paul video.
  • by aaron: Support for absolute urls.
  • by aaron: Honor $reset of cached status.
  • by aaron: Check for duplicate videos.
  • by aaron: Minor documentation clean-up.
  • by aaron: Add token support for failed upload status messages.
  • by aaron: Fix access callback for admin page.
  • by aaron: Allow admin to specify alternate fields for video description.
  • by aaron: Add metadata tables and check status on cron.
  • by aaron: Fix update error.
  • by aaron: Ensure metadata is stored on node insert/update.
  • by aaron: Botched update.
  • by aaron: Botched update.
  • by aaron: Fix bad table write.
  • by aaron: Move status message settings.
  • by aaron: Clean status save on cron. Requires latest emfield from CVS!
  • by aaron: Add watchdog for unavailable videos.
  • by aaron: Status message when video is ok.
  • by aaron: Drop tables on uninstall.
  • #865066 by aaron: Fix fatal error for missing class Zend_Loader.
  • #865066 by aaron: Add warning re. missing zend library only if media_mover is installed.
  • #918266 by arthurf, aaron: Fix errors on installation and refactor theme.
  • #941834 by Garrett Albright: Factor for query in url when parsing.
  • #799902 by bangpound: Upgrade to YouTube Data API version 2.
  • by aaron: Add correct data version.
  • #177207 by Jody Lynn, aaron: Provide support for playlists.
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