My background
I using drupal about 4 months everything work fine until I facing this annoying problem

my site turn offline by itself (operating in offline mode) and It logged out by itself (operating in online mode) and sometime I cannot even login
the problem occured randomly but I noticed that It's tend to occur when I tried to heavier things like rebuilt permission , see database logging (admin/settings/logging/dblog),use any ajax function in View Module,etc

I figure out why it happened , Is it involved to session/cookie or not ?
what I done is enabled $cookie_domain='' in settings.php but the problem still exist.
It's very critical problem to me (since I found)
I've tried tons of solution (Clear drupal cache,Clear browser cache,delete cookies..) in this site but still no luck

MY SYSTEMS (on shared hosting) :
Drupal 6.19
MYSQL 5.0.51a
PHP 5.2.6
Apache 2.2.9

#Edit2 : add more information

Please someone can advice me an idea to do,
any suggestions would be much appreciated


ps. sorry for my english.


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leave settings.php as it is and try clearing your cache, by going to Admin >> Site Configuration >> Performance >> Clear Cached Data

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Thank you Mark, I've tried Clear Cached Data , update.php but no luck
I using shared hosting and recently I facing Error 324 :net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE very frequently , is that could be the cause of this problem ? I mean not drupal problem but host.

any ideas ?


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Could be that the host is not providing enough resources for your site. That's what it sounds like. I would suggest trying with another host and see if it works there.

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It might be the host. Webhost's offer of hosting for one cent seems good.

I use bluehost which I have found very good (so far) - here's my affiliate account.

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> Webhost's offer of hosting for one cent seems good

Hey, I agree. Can't beat HostGator either. ;)

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Can someone ensure that Is it possible server's problem made this issue ?
I really really want to know

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I've tried to remove 'all modules' (except core modules) but result is the same ; so bad :(
then I was sick for this annoying problem for a long time and I contact my host very frequent about the possibility they might be!
now Bing-Go! --It's host's problem It's not Drupal 's problem this issue now solved

hope this help someone

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After I searched I found this similar problem have occured since D4.x !! and many users faced it but there no exactly solution to solve it. Also I've tried many solutions in this site in these forum :

If someone can provide me ad advice for this issue please help
Thank you in advance


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i ran into this (or a similar?) problem after noticing an ajax problem in views (on hitting save a message reporting the ajax problem appeared, don't remember the exact wording). after that - not immediatly after but a few page calls later - i received that 324 error (no data sent ... or something like that). not a single page appeared on the screen, drupal completely out of play, only that server message
ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Server hat die Verbindung geschlossen. Es wurden keine Daten gesendet. (server shut down connection. no data have been sent).
after restarting the server, everything worked again.

regards from vienna forest

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bit of a long shot, but after you make a change in views, let the automatic preview load before you click save. For some reason not doing this often gave me an ajax error message (which had something to do with not having base_url set correctly in settings.php or .htaccess (can't remember exactly which at the moment)).