The documentation of the CAPTCHA module is a bit fragmented at the moment.
For example there is relevant information in these places (at least):

Handbook page
Handbook page
Handbook page
#743056: Document how to add a CAPTCHA programmatically

this needs a bit of synchronization and expanding


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Title: Documentation » Documentation needs work (D6 and D7)
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Inspiration: how to add a CAPTCHA to a form not in the default list: #1056548: not all forms listed

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Hello, I found this a few weeks ago when looking for ways I could contribute to the community. I have been making text file on my computer with more thorough documentation than what exists. I would like to have some feed-back from some of maintainers of the module as to where I should start putting the information that I have been collecting. Thanks.


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Hi Hosef,

that's really cool.
What kind of documentation do you already have? Text, images, video?
For starters, you might just add it to this thread as attachment.

I'm not sure yet where it would be the best place to put it finally.
For the moment there is documentation at:

Administration Guide > securing your site > Enhancing security using contributed modules > Spam control modules > CAPTCHA (

Site Building Guide > Forms > Form and Interaction Modules > CAPTCHA (

I think the latter is better, so you might want to start editing over there.

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At the moment I just have text documentation. I thought about getting pictures to go along with it, but I didn't know if I was able to put photos or videos in the documentation pages.

I think I can have it technically correct and complete soon, but I am not very good at making stuff like this look nice, so that may take a while.

Also, I do not have permissions to edit the former page, but I can edit the latter page.

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I have added more information the CAPTCHA documentation page at I have also added a new child page that has a complete list of the options on the configuration page for the module and what each option is for.

If anyone would like to review the content and get back to me that would be helpful.

Also, I left the original child page because it seemed pretty good, but I may change it to work on more than just node add forms.

At some point I would also like to make a page explaining how to use Varnish and CAPTCHA on the same site, but that may take me a while.

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awesome! thanks a lot.

I already reviewed it a bit and tweaked some things:

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I've updated pages to be standardized in one area. We can mark this complete.

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