I checked the "Disable the page for this stream" option in configure page of the two default streams (Personal Heartbeat and Public Heartbeat). But the pages of the streams are still accessible, and the menu links are still displayed on the navigation menu.

Is this the correct way to hide the default streams from users?
Or should I go to somewhere else to disabled the streams?
Though I think this should be some kind of bug.


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It works for me, although i have to cache clear extra. i will provice code to clear the cache after submitting that field.
If you still have the problem (dev version), reopen this.

thx for the report

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Works now in dev version released on 2010-11-10.

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ok, thx for the report ;)

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Hi I found a bug in the latest dev version of 6.x-4.x-dev. When I enable and configure heartbeat module any stream menu items are not visible in the Navigation, but in the ver. 6.x- 4.11 menu items are visible and functional. I looked at the settings page of every stream and option "Disable the page for this stream" is uncheck. I am confused.

When I check "Disable the page for this stream" on settings page of any stream then the menu item of given stream is visible and functional...it is bad.

I think it should work like:
I check "Disable the page for this stream" the menu item of given tream is unvisible in the Navigation and page of given stream is under "deny access" and vice versa.

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Somebody can provide a patch?

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Version: 6.x-4.x-dev » 7.x-1.1

Same issue for 7.x-1.1.
Stream is "disabled" via UI but access to it still not.