Would you please consider adding to your optional CSS files under General Settings an IE only stylesheet? Would be nice collect all of the IE hacks in one location and to be able to turn it on/off as needed. This stylesheet would only be shown to IE browsers and would replace the Conditional Stylesheet module: http://drupal.org/project/conditional_styles.



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Ok, just poking around a bit and wondered if you've given any thought to incorporating some of non-grid css that the major css frameworks have created? Blueprint framework seems pretty slick.

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This is NOT a bad idea (first part regarding IE stylesheet). Personally, I rarely incorporate IE hacks as I refuse to develop for IE... However, this would be a nice inclusion... a default empty (as there aren't any hacks in Omega) stylesheet that will render only for IE... Consider it marked as complete quite soon...

Regarding the "other" base styles...

Now that the stylesheets are lazy-loaded via theme settings (all excluding the 960.css which is obviously required), it would be quite easy to start producing some clean, VERY simple out of the box CSS to include in text.css and defaults.css, etc. that would give Omega just a little more beautification out of the box.

The original thought was NOT to do this... and leave the base theme as clean as possible, only providing structure, and not visual styles... but I personally would like to also see it a bit more "sexy" right out of the box.

I will work on this as well..

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That's awesome! I really appreciate your willingness to consider ideas. I spent a good part of the weekend looking at CSS best practices. There seem to be quite a few CSS frameworks out there. From my POV Blueprint offers the most complete CSS framework. In addition to their grid system, which seems not needed here, they have style sheets for typography, reset, forms, print and a few other extras.

The various files are here: http://drupalry.com/content/blueprint-0

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I'm interested in the conditional stylesheets support. Not just IE though. Perhaps it's possible to support some mobile browsers as well.

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I second the request on conditional stylesheets because of mobile support. Unfortunately, the landscape of browser support runs like a mad rollercoaster (just when you think the ride is over....).

Dealing with full feature support + fallbacks has become a full time issue. And then you add video!

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I'm going to close this issue and mark it as fixed (pending #1077662: Add default stylesheets/javascript to the starterkits)

Please see the changes that WILL be immediately available in the next release in that issue.
It involves default stylesheets & javascript.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.