Just wondering why this module renders its admin form using a template file.

To me, this seems to be a misuse of the theme system—rendering the form this way, instead of properly using Form API, bypasses theme functions such as theme_fieldset() and theme_table().


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Title: Make proper use of Form API to render admin form » Make use of theme_table and theme_fieldset render admin form
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I see you point of view. My take, a long time ago when it was written, was focused on making the pages extremely customizable which some of the wrapper functions do not allow without affecting other content so you have reverting to your own templates. Now in hindsight though I really doubt anyone really changes or customizes the page to that degree so I would be inclined to agree that would be a better way to go. That means moving a lot more into code and having many more templates to achieve the same result.

I will keep this in mind for future work but I don't know when I will be able to get around to changing the current implementation.

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6.x is now unsupported.