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MD5: 98b391b8db17d83835e0ff0a4ada4221
SHA-1: 98e090be719e03d13f5bd456c12a165bfc8b4cd4
SHA-256: 4a0547aa0c618e50d970daad641d2136308fe47ea841044f3f3fb06bedbefe99
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MD5: 5b4dfb441c381701385e0241c63b78fe
SHA-1: 8af728f1a6339397538c3578d98ae897f97f9890
SHA-256: 0089531ffa0b12710fdb862f60d9add94868309751f1ed85af03afbb6a20f102
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/feeds:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: tristanoneil
Created on: 2 Nov 2010 at 15:39 UTC
Last updated: 2 Nov 2010 at 15:40 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • #940866 tristanoneil: PHP 5.3 FeedsImporter::copy function must be compatible.
  • #944986 tristanoneil: Link Mapper Upgrade.
  • #959066 tristanoneil: Remove old mappers and tests.
  • #883342 Steven Jones: Don't force usage of cURL.
  • #776854 imclean et. al.: Support parsing CSV files without column headers.
  • Ian Ward: ensure that arrays of numerics are handled correctly.
  • #953728 tristanoneil: Upgrade text formats, use on all processors.
  • alex_b: Fix file mapper, add file mapper tests, generate flickr.xml and files.csv dynamically.
  • #953538 yhahn: Remove BOM from UTF-8 files. Adds sanitizeFile() and sanitizeRaw() methods to FeedsFetcherResult. Extending classes that override either the getRaw() or getFilePath() methods should call these sanitization methods to ensure that the returned output / file has been cleaned for parsing.
  • #606612 alex_b: More detailed log.
  • #949236 Ian Ward, alex_b: Allow mapping empty values to fields.
  • #912630 twistor, alex_b: FeedsParserResult: make items accessible for modification.
  • #933306 alex_b: Fix Feeds creates subscriptions for not existing importers.
  • #946822 twistor: FeedsSitemapParser broken: Serialization of 'SimpleXMLElement' is not allowed.
  • #949916 alex_b: Convert values mapped to user->created.
  • #949236 Ian Ward: Allow mapping empty values to fields.
  • Allow for mapping to list_number field types.
  • Fix entity inspection in file fetcher.
  • #932772 alex_b: FeedsProcessor: Consolidate process() and clear(). FeedsProcessor now implements the process() and clear() methods for creating and deleting entities. The extending processors FeedsNodeProcessor, FeedsTermProcessor and FeedsUserProcessor merely implement entity manipulation methods (newEntity(), entityLoad(), entitySave(), entityDeleteMultiple()...). This brings features previously only available on FeedsNodeProcessor to all entity processors: fast change detection on imported items with hashes, batching on process() and clear() and in the case of FeedsUserProcessor, the actual implementation of clear(). Together with #929066 this is a further step towards harmonizing features of processor plugins.
  • Move term and user validation into a validate() method.
  • Remove check for present name and mail. Needs to be solved on a more pluggable level.
  • FeedsTermProcessor: Do not filter taxonomy_term_data table by vid when clearing.
  • #932572 alex_b: FeedsTermProcessor: Batch term processing.
  • Remove check for present name in terms that are imported. If we do such validation, we need to do this on a more pluggable level.
  • Fix Feeds News tests, add a 'description' field to the Feeds Item content type.
  • #728534 alex_b: Remove FeedsFeedNodeProcessor. If you have used FeedsFeedNodeProcessor in the past, use FeedsNodeProcessor (Node Processor) instead now. It supports all of FeedsFeedNodeProcessor's functionality and more.
  • #929066 alex_b: Track all imported items. Note: All views that use 'Feeds Item' fields or relationships need updating.
  • #930018 alex_b: Don't show file upload when 'Supply path directly' is selected.
  • #927892 alex_b: Add "Process in background" feature. Allows one-off imports to be processed in the background rather than using Batch API. Useful for very large imports.
  • #929058 alex_b: Report status of source on import and delete forms, track last updated time on a source level.
  • #928836: Set progress floating point directly. Note: fetchers and parsers must use $state->progress() for setting the batch progress now IF they support batching.
  • #928728: Track source states by stage, not by plugin. Note: call signature of FeedsSource::state() has changed.
  • Remove 6.x upgrade hooks.
  • #923318: Fix Fatal error: Call to a member function import() on a non-object occuring on cron.
  • Clean up basic settings form.
  • Make getConfig() include configuration defaults.


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