Hi, i have installed rc1 as per the instructions, and cannot log into the site after creating the admin user. If i try to log in, nothing happens ie i get dumped back at the basic index.php with the login stuff to the right.

I have checked to see if the php settings are correct and they are according to phpinfo();.

I am using php 4.2.3 with latest apache1.

I have jsut downloaded latest drupal stable and am getting the same results.




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In addition i get this error in my apache logs:

[error] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: conf in /ho
me/domains/insanity.int/includes/common.inc on line 776

That line is this:
$conf = variable_init($conf);

Any ideas?

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Try downloading a fresh tarball and see if the problem persists.

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Same problem persists. Redownloaded rc1 and latest stable, and i still get the same problem.

While looking for answers, i found this thread in this forum, and it seems i have exactly the same problems. I definatly have register_globals turned on, the admin user is entered into the database, yet the index.php page jsut refreshes with the "?SID" extension, nothing more.

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  • Don't use Drupal 4.0.0. Use Drupal 4.1.0.
  • Can you confirm the user has been created by inspecting your users table by hand? See
    for details.
  • Anything peculiar in your watchdog table? See
    for details.
  • If you have a public website, can you make a phpinfo-page available, made from within your Drupal directory? See here for details.
  • If we help find the problem, will you post a "cause and solution" type comment for others to pick up (archiving purpose)?
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  • Im using 4.1.0 now, same issues
  • Yes the user seems to have been created in the table
  • The only entries in watchdog are here
  • The website is private but here is a wget of such a phpinfo() you are looking for (created in drupals directory)
  • If it is within my power to do so, then yes i will certainly write a cause and solution entry for you. IF myself and someone else has come across this issue, then its bound to be a issue for others who jsut drop the application after finding no resolution to the issue Only local images are allowed.
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From your phpinfo-page it is clear that Drupal's .htaccess file is not being read. This is not a problem per se, but it would have corrected invalid settings; the session.save_handler directive looks wrong to me; it should be user, not users. Check the PHP manual for details.

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Ok, i think it was a culmination of my stupidity and lack of spelling Only local images are allowed.

I had downloaded the .tgz file straight to a bsd box, so i was cp`ing files around instead of ftping them. Apparently "cp -R * /var/www/htdocs" doesnt copy .* files (new one on me, but one to remember Only local images are allowed. ), so the htaccess was missing from the site dir totally. Once i had copied this in place and changed that misspelled php directive, i logged in no problems.

I hope this goes as a lesson to someone out there, stupidity doesnt help Only local images are allowed.

Cheers Dries.
Ok, where do you want the cause and solution post?

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i have been working with my site with success. no problem. Today I cleaned out the temporary files in windows directory (didn't think of Drupal cookie of site) and deleted content for space -sake.

Now I can't even view anything of my site: not even the blocks you normally see as unauthorized user.
Just a blank white page with a persistant errormsg:

You are not authorized to access this page

even if I use the admin.php.
Help. Is there a way to solve this???

Speedy help really appreciated.

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you naye have some luck closing your browser, deleting your drupal cookie, and then browsing back to your site. it should prompt you for login. if you forget your login password, you may email it to yourself.

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I solved part of the problem. I discovered that i had changed the way my (MS) browser handles cookies and session cookies. After correction it functioned again.
But..., I sometimes still have that problem when I e.g. login to the site from Ms Explorer and later through Netscape. When I login through the one and tell it to remember it, my other browser doesn't seem to remember me anymore.
Now I am having members complaining as well that they have login problems where they see a blank screen with "you are not authorized to ..." and only by using the link in the notification email are they able to get back into the site. (not because they have been using different browsers)

It appears that it happens after I manually run (sitename/)drupal/cron.php (cause i haven't figured out the crontab workings with my hosting server.)