With drupal 7 beta 2 's image field, i can upload non-image files as long as they have an allowed extention like .jpg .

Mime-types are not checked when uploading an image. Is it a safe way to work when ignoring mime-types?


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I had a look on that issue.

First, there is no mime type file validator in file.inc. This could easily added with a function like this one (in include/file.inc) :

 * Check that the file is of one of the allowed mime types.
 * @param $file
 *   A Drupal file object.
 * @param $mime_types
 *   A string with a space separated list of allowed mime types. A * represents any mime type.
 * @return
 *   An array. If the file mime type is not allowed, it will contain an error
 *   message.
 * @see hook_file_validate()
function file_validate_mime_type(stdClass $file, $mime_types) {
  $errors = array();

  // Build a regular expression for mime types
  $regex = preg_quote($mime_types, '/');
  $regex = preg_replace('/\ +/', '|', $regex);
  $regex = preg_replace('/\\\\\*/', '[a-zA-Z0-9.\-+]*', $regex);
  $regex = '/'.$regex.'/';

  if (!preg_match($regex, $file->filemime)) {
    $errors[] = t('Only files with the following mime type are allowed: %files-allowed.', array('%files-allowed' => $mime_types));

  return $errors;

Then a single extra line in image_field_widget_form function (modules/image/image_field.inc) :

    $elements[$delta]['#upload_validators']['file_validate_mime_type'][0] = 'image/*';

just before :

    // Add all extra functionality provided by the image widget.
    $elements[$delta]['#process'][] = 'image_field_widget_process';

would do the job.

But, when testing it appears that a file with a .jpg extention is always recognized by Drupal file interface as image/jpeg mime type file (even a dummy text file renamed something.jpg). That's a bit surprising (and very disappointing !) but this behavior is the same on my computer (under GNU/Linux Ubuntu).

Maybe it is a problem with the system configuration. Anyway, testing mime type could be an interesting feature.

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I think it's a bit strange that drupal has this quite advanced functionality to check on mime-types in includes/file.inc, but it already fails when uploading a textfile, javascript file or whatever with the extension .jpg .

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In order this issue no longer remains, I put this issue to "fixed".

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