I've been trying to migrate my site from one server to another. Everything seems to work fine, except that Views doesn't have any Style Plugins.

Style Unformatted requires a row style but the row plugin is invalid.
Style Grid requires a row style but the row plugin is invalid.

When I try to reimport the view I run into the same problem:

Row plugin fields is not available.
Unable to import view.

I didn't have skinnr installed, so it can't be related to this issue #921338: Uninstalling Skinr Breaks existing Views


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Are you sure you have copied the whole views directory and cleared the views cache on admin/build/views/tools

When there would be a bug in views the issue queue would be full of people reporting this issue :)

Instead of exporting/importing views manually you can export the view to code.

Therefore you can use both features or the views bulk export module(part of views).
Then something like this cannot happen when you have the dependencies in the module.

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I am experiencing this problem too.

- When "Row style:" is changed it does not save (& reverts to original value)
- All my views that have this problem show no items & the empty text, but the pager is still visible for some reason

Noticed this problem today after updating the following modules to their latest release/ dev version:
- login_destination, nd_contrib, panels, taxonomy_menu, taxonomy_token, views_slideshow_jcarouselthumbs, boost, ctools, custom_breadcrumbs, feeds, htmlpurifier, imageapi

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I can confirm the same error. I haven't tracked down the exact problem as of yet, however, when I rolled back the panels update... my missing views returned... and the error went away.

I saw the problem when upgrading to most recent cck , views , panels, and ctools. I began pulling back one at a time... first views (with no change), and then panels (which seemed to fix things). I will look into it in more depth later, but this should be a start.

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I also encountered the error when I overridden the provided frontpage view by adding a block.

This error comes up when previewing the block type in views.

After uninstalling the Panels module, I don't encounter the error and the preview displays correctly.

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@Jan Krummrey
Does uninstalling panels help you too?

If yes this issue should be moved to panels

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Yes, uninstaling Panels did resolve the problem.
Will open the issue there...

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