I would love to see the ability to limit access by role to certain folders when using elfinder. (want to keep them out of root /files directory)

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elFinder have ability to set custom permissions to directories. This feature will be implemented in future.

In current development branch was added custom filesystem root configuration with token support (%name - current username, %uid - current user id, %files - system file path).

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Version:6.x-0.4-beta3» 6.x-1.x-dev
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But his is not on the D7..Correct? Or is it?

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UPD: In D7 supported only generic tokens %name - current username, %uid - current user id, %files - files directory path. Token API support in TODO.

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Where is this configuration set? I cannot seem to find any information on this. Is it on the actual elFinder library configuration?

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Tokens currently supported for Custom path , Custom URL configuration options (admin/config/elfinder).

See attached screenshot.

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It was odd because there was not ElFinder section under admin >> configuration on the install I am running.

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Will add link to Configuration page under Media section in next version.

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Has this feature been removed in 6.x-2.x-dev branch?