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MD5: d05eae72c6c93a9e8a4aeba9da5c20c6
SHA-1: 34054ea0764afc1be1323c9ad71fe5f6e8945a1d
SHA-256: dc32faad4bd07be50d35f8171e013a68cfcd5761890898b51b47022d059fae00
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MD5: 91418ed976664dddfc94baa8afeb6045
SHA-1: 3d989e875c2e5e6b3c9cd8f03ed99edfcb3dcd67
SHA-256: fe7f7d2ef3286d5a6b39c6f8e45ef4dda931e3bc768c78b417d68039ef4e42cc

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: October 29, 2010 - 23:07
Last updated: October 30, 2010 - 01:18
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

  • #856636: Fix warnings on update.
  • #866524: "Custom" content type could cause crash if trying to reuse it without activating the custom content type module.
  • #870820 by EclipseGc: ctools_export_crud_import() passed wrong arguments to import callback, if defined.
  • Improve the task system to make it possible for Panels Everywhere to get more contexts.
  • #718368: Ignore query string when testing js and css files for inclusion during AJAX requests.
  • #690648 by awolfey: User signature content type.
  • #874960 by yhahn: Export UI goes to wrong path on revert.
  • #868410: Make transparency work on modal backdrop in IE.
  • #872340: AJAX framework used wrong URLs with i18n and CSS files.
  • #609246: Create variant to handle 403, 404 and 301 redirects for non-page page responses.
  • #870466: Invisible steps broken by too aggressive of a test for valid wizard steps. This broke Mini Panel layout change in Panels.
  • #872804: Export UI delete query failing to get table prefix thanks to PHP oddity.
  • #867864: Fix a admin title and edit link problems with custom content types.
  • #812744: Did not quite get query string removal working earlier, causing random breakages to AJAX requests.
  • #866622 by dkinzer: Fix dimensions.js to not crash on undefined items.
  • #215927: Allow exposed form blocks to inherit the current path.
  • #875020: Remove defaults for "API" in export section of schema as "No API version" is a possible option.
  • Activating export-ui based modules caused warnings (that did not actually cause problems) on the modules page.
  • #887812 by ayalon: Fix javascript crash bug.
  • #848580: Re-organize form submission in modals so that wysiwyg can detach upon submit.
  • #872072: Allow the modal to be vastly more customized.
  • #873616: Invalid SQL in term_parent access plugin.
  • #883490: Page manager "page" task needed to validate that % was not used in the first part of a path as that is not supported by Drupal menu system.
  • #883914: Ensure content pane validity before attemping to use.
  • #884092: Fix stylizer error message that warns you when there are no modules utilizing stylizer.
  • #831922 by tizzo: Make ctools_build_form() better support #ahah by properly rebuilding forms when necessary.
  • #867554: Accidentally binding modal javascript to buttons that were not inputs outside of the modal.
  • #879438: Change require_once to include_once when including plugin files in case plugins have disappeared.
  • #896660 by zoo33: Export-UI used wrong object name in descript of export key field.
  • New "Page wizards" to more easily create well-known types of pages in Page Manager.
  • #891682 by Dave Reid: Have modal title use the page title if no title was set on the form.
  • Add documentation for the modal.
  • #867120: %title was not being properly honored in keyword substitutions.
  • #856050 by Itangalo: Improve help text regarding tokens and substitutions.
  • #908104 by naxoc: Provide an option the comments anchor like theme_comment_wrapper does.
  • #911396 by alex_b: Prevent notices in export UI.
  • #883902 by hefox: Remove dependency on color.module.
  • #916532 by swentel: Fix to not overwrite selectors when used multiple times.
  • #919768 by mikey_p: Allow url options to be sent to ctools_ajax_command_url().
  • #926972 by Amitaibu: Provide automated integration with Advanced Help.
  • #358953 by cedarm: Allow term context to return lowercase, spaces to dashes versions of terms.
  • #916796 by swentel: CSS properties with : in them could be destroyed by CSS filter.
  • #931434 by EclipseGc: Argument plugin for node revision ID.
  • #910656: CTools AJAX sample wizard demo "domesticated" checkbox value not stored.
  • #913640 by mavimo: Correct documentation error on ctools_static()
  • #922442 by EugenMayer, neclimdul and voxpelli: Make sure ctools_include can handle '' or NULL directory.
  • #919956 by traviss359: Correct example in wizard advanced help.
  • #942968: Fix taxonomy term access rule with tag term vocabs.
  • #840344: node add argument had crufty code causing notices.
  • #944462 by longhairedgit: Invalid character in regex causes rare notice.
  • Add detach event to modal close so that wysiwyg can detach the editor.
  • #955348: Lack of redirect on "Update" button in Page Manager causing data loss sometimes.
  • #941778: Update and save button should not appear in the "Add variant" path.