Meet Adrian Rossouw, father of Hostmaster/Aegir & phptemplate, and uncle to many others. He works at Development Seed. He's massively talented, and in this nominator's opinion, inspiring and awesome. Certainly worthy of a Community Spotlight :)

I think Adrian embodies the new motto: come for the code, stay for the community.

Nick: adrian
User ID: 1337 (need I say more?)
Member for: 9 years, 30 weeks (well probably longer since it doesn't go back and longer than that)
Twitter: @adrianrossouw

Adrian on Metro Boris Mann
Adrian on Metro, Photo by Boris Mann (cc) attribution, non commercial

Listen to Adrian being interviewed on Lullabot Voices. You can learn a little more about Adrian, his projects and also hear his lovely South African accent.

If you're lucky enough, you'll meet him in person at a DrupalCon (like this one in 2006). He's probably one of the warmest people in the Drupal community. He's always got a few people around him, he's friendly like that. You might find yourself sitting in a circle with him playing werewolf.

I think we can all learn a bit from someone like Adrian on what it means to create a community. In 9 years 30 weeks, besides his great coding contributions, he's likely made many others feel more comfortable and welcome. At my first DrupalCon, he made me feel as if I was at a party I was invited to, as opposed to feeling as if I'd crashed like a poseur. It wasn't anything major, just a gesture of friendliness and an invitation to join his group, play and chat.

As we attend our local meet-ups, camps and cons, I think it would be good to think of someone like Adrian and invite people to your conversation, welcome them... and to invite them to play our games- and stay for the community.

adrian werewolves hadsie
Photo by Hadsie (cc) attribution, share alike, non commercial


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Adrian is an absolutely brilliant developer as well as an amazing person. He gives the BEST hugs, too! :D

In addition to the contributions mentioned above, he also architected/developed Drupal core's multisite system and the original Form API, and was responsible for refactoring in Drupal 7 to make install profiles behave like modules (i.e. you know, authorable by mere mortals :P~).

My first time meeting Adrian was at OSCMS Vancouver in 2006. My first interaction with him really set the tone of the Drupal community for me, and was one of the things that very directly led to me becoming more immersed and involved. :)

Adrian, you rock! This community spotlight couldn't be more deserved.

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On 11 November 2003, my first Drupal installation went live with lots of help from my close friend Adrian. Web development has become my career since and this would not have been possible without phpTemplate. Today, I can't recommend AEgir more and the formAPI is part of my cereal in the morning (not literally, but you get the idea)

Kudos bro! You earned this page :)