Seems that some users of the Better Exposed Filter module have created a functionality very similar to this Auto-submit submodule.
#797772: Make Apply button redundant (instant filter)

Their main issue is that this Auto-submit submodule doesn't allow for any granularity in settings -- it's either the whole view page or nothing at all. They'd like to see the ability to turn on auto-submit for certain exposed filters, but not others.

Anyone know whether this is feasible with the way the views hacks submodule is put together?

Also, any thoughts on whether auto-submit functionality belongs in View hacks, or whether BEF should take over? My personal feelings are that it belongs over here, since someone may way auto-submit without wanting their select lists to turn into radio or checkboxes (which is what BEF does). But hey, maybe I'm wrong.


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Thanks for the suggestion. To anyone who wants to submit a patch: I'll gladly review it.

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Thanks for reply infojunkie.

If I need this functionality in the future, I'll definitely contribute back. For now, I'll leave a note in the other thread that you're willing to accept patches.

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You can also use hook_views_filters_autosubmit_exceptions($form, $view) to return input ids (i.e., client-side DOM ids) that should be ignored by auto-submit. I just added the $view parameter, so you will need to wait 12 hours until the dev release is refreshed. Let me know if this approach can help you.

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Thanks infojunkie. There's also something to do with the Select All/None links that BEF adds, but I'll look into that when the time comes.

Not sure if I'd go this route, but any thoughts on whether you'd want to avoid a ctools dependency?

dereine used it in his version for BEF:

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Subscribed would love this functionality!

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Subscribing. Using BEF radios and whenever I click on a button on one view, it changes all of the other views in the same page as well. Which shouldn't happen.