If use non-ASCII character in tabs title, we get '-' in descriptive url, because there is preg replace '/[^\sa-zA-Z0-9\ ]+/ ' in code.
But we could have better urls for non-ASCII titles.
Transliteration module or pathauto_cleanstring can help.

#1 953904-tabs-transliteration.patch1.07 KBpokurek
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Small patch for this.

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Issue tags: +transliteration, +localization

My fault, I deleted tags, sorry :(, Put it back.

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* Should we remove the configuration option? We added it as a configuration option partly because of the problems that our incomplete handling. If transliteration handles this, we could maybe remove the configuration option and, if transliteration is present, use a descriptive title, and if it it isn't not. Thoughts?

* Is our handling still needed if transliteration is present? I'd assume the preg_replace('/[^\sa-zA-Z0-9\ ]+/ ', ' ', $title); call should be in an else clause.

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I try to answer questions:

* Configuration option could stay there. Someone may use the 'tab-index' tab name for styling or something else. Patch is only for make better the descriptive title. Maybe we should write description for that field, add mention about transliteration module.

* Yes, it should be in an else clause. I do it this way only for "make sure" title is clean ;o)