The dashboard doesn't save its current state when moving to another page, or reloading the dashboard.

i.e. if I move a widget to the left... i reload/change page... i come back to the dashboard, the widget is back in its default location.


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Figured this out.. it had more than 3 columns. why is this happeneding?

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more than 3 columns?

What did you do to 'figure it out' This, cause i got this on a new site where it used to work just fine.

After some testing (going to test some more) i found out that if 2 people use the same account and visit the dashboard (from the same ip), people's dashboard tends to freak out sometimes and i can't find a way to fix this. (and from what i understand this should not happen at All) (And if it's even the 'real' error, cause i got to much stuff on this site and don't wanna break it even more.)

So i am really interested in what you have figured out This, as are 'the others' i wanna bet ya.

And while i got this, it's kinda 'critical', cause it consists of a basic functionality error, and that's darn close to 'earth coming to an end'-stuff. Pardon my language.
(a big list with all the dashes on the left is not kinda what the module should do, right? :-) )

- tried devel
- emptied all caches
- hardcoded the rebuild registry
- created a new account
- enabled/disabled a Lot of stuff, nothing so far.
- going to start on a fresh install

(Tested some more on a beta site that runs the same code as the live site, just noticed this site also has the problem, but it does not end up with a big list on the left. The state the dashboard was in a couple days ago is saved, but it forgets any changes made as soon as i navigate somewhere else. Same case on this site, someone else accessed it with the same account 3 days ago, before that i didn't have any problems.)

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Priority: Critical » Major

Okay, i think this issue can be closed / changed? After some investigation i found the jquery update module (v2) has problems with the dashboard 2.0 (or the jQuery UI? 1.4) module. (That's jquery 1.4.2?) It's used on a site i started to maintain for the rounded_corners module. To bad, we'll try something else for rounded corners until the issue with jquery update is fixed. Maybe create a separate issue for this? Stuff breaks on installing jquery update 2 module. The issue seems limited to the saving of the locations of the dashboard's widgets. (everything else seems to work just fine)

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so what is that I have to do in order to make it work? :)
tried dowmgrading jqury, still no luck.
Seems like "$('>li>a', $this).data('widget', $this).click(function() {" on line 210 of dashboard.js
is not executed, which I believe is the behaviour description to send an ajax call to save the change.

and of course thank for all your hard work :)

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ok, magic happens. put jQuery v1.3.2 and jQuery UI v1.7.3 and it all works fine

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Hi all,

I think i found the origin of this problem that may not occure on every installation :

In, line 204, function 'dashboard_widget_reorder' won't execute properly in some cases :

$page_id = db_result(db_query("SELECT page_id FROM dashboard_page WHERE uid = '%d'", $user->uid));

name of the SQL table used should be in written between "{}" :

$page_id = db_result(db_query("SELECT page_id FROM {dashboard_page} WHERE uid = '%d'", $user->uid));

If you use prefixed table names in your drupal installation, you will always get this problem (but not with default names on a fresh drupal install). I changed this on my installation and it works nice now. It would be nice if someone with commit rights on this project could fix this!

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is anyone still maintaining this? can I help ?

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I have a few patches that I have added in other issues that I would also like committed to dev if possible. I have posted a few patches/issues going back over 10 months without a response from a maintainer so I know it is not actively being maintained. I would also be interested in helping out.

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I had this same issue. I had the Jquery UI module installed with the 1.6 version of the library. I also had the Jquery Update module installed.

As mentioned above, the fix is as simple as downloading the 1.7 version of the Jquery UI library to replace the 1.6 version.

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changing jquery UI wasn't necessary in my case. I suggest we contact developpers of this project.