Does it disable to comment?comments to a photo are always the best way for interaction.


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i found there is comment for gallery,but no for per media.

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Title: No comment » Allow commenting on media items.
Status: Active » Postponed

Yeah, this is something we decided to delay :( Comment module is node-centric. We want to change this, but it will take some time. If someone wants to start writing a comment_on_any_entity module, we'll probably contribute and review.

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Any news about this?
BTW, if media items were nodes we could also add fields such as date taken, type of camera, etc.

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I could really use this feature for my gallery. If you have no intention on adding it, could anyone recommend an alternative gallery that allows comments per media item added?

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The problem is, that the comment module only works with nodes, but not with entities (like media/files).
As mentioned in #5, there is an issue for that #731724: Convert comment settings into a field to make them work with CMI and non-node entities. That issue is about Drupal 8. I'm not sure, but i don't think, that it will be backported to D7.

It seems, that the reply-project tries to fix this for D7. I have tried the module, but was not successful (just getting notices and warnings). So if someone is able to integreate reply or another comment module, we can work on that.

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