I have a slideshow that is loading and on the first slide load the transition to the 2nd slide is almost immediate. Then it slows down (each subsequent transition) to the settings I've added for the timer delay (5000). So the first slide just jumps almost immediately to the 2nd. Then it slows to the correct speed.

Also the odd thing is that it only seems to do this quick speed transition on the first slide when I'm logged out of the site and viewing it anonymously. If I login and then run the slideshow it loads & transitions all the slides evenly.

Any suggestions on how to fix this so the first slide loads at the same speed and proceeds at the same transition speed?

Thanks in advance.




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The only thing that changes the first slide transition is the initial slide delay offset. Make sure you don't have anything set for that.

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We recently added Views Slideshow to our site, library.hsc.unt.edu, and I am seeing this same problem whether I'm logged in or not. As described by ambientdrup, it jumps immediately from one slide to the next, and this only seems to happen between the first and second slide; after that, the transition happens normally. The "Initial slide delay offset" is 0.

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Support for Views Slideshow 6.x is mostly deprecated (ie bug fixes and major errors may be looked at and security issues, but not really anything else), so closing.