I know that Metatags doesn't even have a D7 version yet, but i'm leaving here a link to an idea on the issue queue of Metatags:

It discusses among other things, the full integration of Site Verifications within Metatags in D7.


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I'm not really interested in merging them (since I maintain both). They can be kept separate since Site verification just aims to do what it does well, where as Metatags can support some default verification tags.

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I can think of another reason to not merge the two modules as suggested: the Site verification module can be used together XML sitemap to allow to verify the site ownership as requested by Google (I think that was the original reason to create the module); requiring users who use XML sitemap to install Nodewords for a task that is probably required in few occasions (AFAIK, the verification is only done by Google when a sitemap is added to Google Webmaster tools) seems a little overkilling.

The fact the site verification is done only in particular occasions is probably a reason to keep the module as light as possible, and not include this module code in a module that is instead always enabled.

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Issue summary: View changes

Also, this module does file uploads for site verification, which has nothing to do with metatags.

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Dave, do you still think they should be kept separate?

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I did some testing and it's super easy to replicate the meta tag portion of this module in Metatag, so I'm going to do that. I'll mark this ticket related to each tag that is merged in, so we can track what's going on.

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Title: Merge with Metatags (D7) » Deprecate Site Verify in favor of Metatag
Category: Feature request » Task

Now that Metatag supports eight different site verification tags, maybe we should just deprecate Site Verify entirely?